Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Theo Paphitis says "YES" to ©Shellybobbins™ "Mrs P Brooch"

When I went to see Theo Paphitis on the 1st April 2011 at the amazing opening of Boux Avenue I decided to make Mrs P a leather brooch, a brooch is a very personal gift mine are made with leather with large button thats been handstiched & covered. I make everything by hand & couldnt wait to give this special gift to "Mrs P", On the back of my lovely brooches you will find a British Flag this is what im really proud of having, we as a family are very patriotic.
                              "Mrs P Brooch" By ©Shellybobbins™  & worn by the lovely Mrs P xxx

Jason from Giraffe Banners made this teenie British Flags for my lovely brooches, ideal size x

after meeting Theo Paphitis and checking my phone for the only picture I had took of us both, I look to find out is so blurred !!! I really couldnt believe it, I tweeted to ask if I could get a copy of the one we had took ~~ Theo said I'll sort it, confused by this little did I know that a lovely gift was on its way.

I couldnt believe my eyes when this huge box arrived with my name on it !!! WOW how special made shelly cry x  I just hoped Mrs P loved her gift as much I loved mine.

Bowed, Boxed, Tissued ~~ WOW things like this just dont happen to me I felt really special.

                                Gorgeous scented petals & a sample of there beautiful body lotion
The scent really filled the room as soon as took the lid off.

                                      I opened my gift to find the most amazing picture ever !!!
framed signed ~~~ offical to Mrs P loved her gift how amazin

                  Our house is far from finished but Theo Paphitis takes pride of place on our mantle piece

Proud to carry on making the "Mrs P Brooch" as worn by the lovely Mrs P xx

Love ©Shellybobbins™

PS. its lovely just give x


  1. well done michelle....@serendipitygdds (anne)

  2. What a lovely kind thing to do. xx

  3. A special gift for a special woman

  4. Aw Shelly that is amazing!!!
    You are a truely wonderful lady!!! You must be so happy!!
    Well done you!
    Sophie x

  5. That was a very lovely thing to do (both of you that is).

    I've loved seeing you bring so much positivity and do lovely things on Twitter.

    And I've loved seeing you enjoying your own fabulous success at the same time.

    That my lovely is good karma - and there is much more where that came from.


  6. How fabulous, what a wonderful gift. Love the brooch too.
    Linda (greatgreendream)