Gorgeous Gifts

                                                                   Gorgeous Gifts

I have been sent some really wonderful gifts right from day one I got sent cards & gifts so I thought it would be nice to show you but also lovely to recommend lovely companies too !

Not just saying this but I really wouldnt bother going anywhere else for chocolate champagne truffles after tasting these thank you patrick a really gorgeous & tasty gift xx http://www.lecafeshop.co.uk/

How lovely to recieve a knitted heart !! says it all really bless, so lovely to get mail that day made me smile  http://www.peggycollection.com/ (#SBS winner)

Bless becky from scartett parties doesnt sew but wanted to make me something handmade & handsewn Ive kept my heart on my wall & see it every day x http://www.scartettparties.co.uk/

I loved getting these but really didnt want to eat them as they looked so good ha xx http://www.mumsclub.co.uk/

spearmint plant with turkish tea & cubes of sugar with gorgeous turkish glasses ~~ how fabulous to receive this ! http://www.mumsclub.co.uk/

10 different body lotions turned up for testing for the daily mirror what fun we all had !! the Mini's how now taken there favourites !! http://journalisted.com/kim-jones thank you kim for asking xx

These are gorgeous http://www.slicksilverjewellery.co.uk/ how lovely to have such gifts sent I was over the moon with these thank you so much val I love them xxxx