Monday, 23 February 2015

#HugsForNoah 3rd birthday........ Virtual invite & free download party pack

Noah's 3rd Birthday on the 6th of March and like last year we are having a free birthday pack download Noah's party pack was printed off and actually went global last year so we are wanting to do the same again ! 

We Need Your Help ! We can't do this without your support, raising awareness I do everyday my mission is to spread the awareness of Noah's condition he has just 2% brain & paralysed from the chest, I know to take folic acid and did BUT what I didn't know was that you must take it 3 months before getting pregnant .......... Noah has a condition called Spina Bifida it sets in from the 14th day of conception and you don't even know your pregnant ! Around 1000 babies are born every year with this condition and around 200 actually make it, parents are given the choice to terminate upto 33 weeks in some cases, we where given this option and declined it 5 times ! a none resuscitation order was put on our beautiful baby son which we named Noah ...... We planed the funeral so we could all spend the time with Noah after the birth knowing we'd all be together with him.

Noah let out a HUGE cry his determination everyday to be here and do things is an amazing sight to see ! 

Please come and join in with Noah's 3rd birthday take a selfie and let us know where your from or what country 

Thank you 
Love Shellybobbins®

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Guest blog meet the lovely #SBS winner @MarshmellowUK #HugsForNoah

Look what the postman delivered this morning ! Thank you Gavin & Jackie we really couldn't wait to open these, Noah straightaway picked up the chocolate marshmellows "mummy open open" these had a very light dusting of coco on them & they're absolutely delicious ! 

Fresh smell of Marshmellow as we opened all these lovely parcels. Noah held the coconut piece & smelt it, this is the first time Noah's had Marshmellow, it's really soft & squidgy, like little pieces of fluffy clouds, it's very light in your mouth with bursts of flavour too!

We both loved the Belgium chocolate ! Can you tell Noah did too ! 

Chocolate all over his face bless & then on to the coconut flavour ! Ooooooh this was my favourite, if you love coconut you need to try this this one, it's mouth watering !!! Can't wait for hubby to come home and try blackberry flavour & fresh raspberry too along with nougat.

As I looked away Noah helped himself to another one ! 

Steph Noah's sister really loved the salted caramel "Just like Fudge & really delicious" 

Gavin & Jackie have had the pleasure of meeting Theo Paphitis & are official #SBS winners 


Noah with Theo 

We will be updating this blog post with hubby's comments on the nougat & blackberry Marshmellow & fresh raspberry flavours soon ! 

Love Shellybobbins® & Noah ©#HugsForNoah™

Monday, 9 February 2015

#HugsForNoah Valentines Christening virtual invite

Good morning lovelies with only a few days to go before Noah's Valentines Christening Day we are getting SO excited, so many family and friends are coming to spend the day with us...... But don't feel left out as we want you to come and join in online throughout the day we have set up an events page on Facebook

If you've never heard of Noah's story he has just 2% brain the rest of his head is fluid amazing that Noah can take a breath never mind see & hear, it's also remarkable that he understands you has a chit chat and usese words like marvellous & unbelievable, he knows how to count to 10 knows colours, shapes, animals, sings.  Noah sends emails can use Instagram, twitter too, he's nearly 3 years old, Noah also has a condition called Spina Bifida Noah was born with an open back you could see his spilt spine & nerves this was closed up after 43 hours after he was born, he's paraylsed from the chest & yet can tell us when he needs the potty, Noah has another condition called Lymphoedema his feet are very swollen with his, dispite having these conditions & also having a shunt fitted (head drain) nothing stops him and as parents it's important to us to raise awareness everyday if you would take a minute to look at Noah's website & watch his awareness video share it with your family & friends we'd be very grateful we think Noah is an amazing boy. 

We've also set up a page for twitter too 

Every week for the passed month family & friends have been round helping out & hand making decorations for Noah's christening 

This week it was love heart bunting, I was really surprised how easy it was to make ! 

Meet the family Aunt Anne, nana, Noah's sisters Steph & Ally, Aunty Steph, Aunty Annmarie, Lucas, Noah's daddy Rob 

Aunty Annmarie has spent ages cutting out salt dough elephants for bunting 
Don't they look fabulous 

One week it was bracelet making, I thought it would be lovely for Noah to give all the lady guest at his Christening a Valentines gift on the day ! 

These bracelets will be available on Noah's website 

It's been really lovely meeting here ever week & crafting, Its something I'd love to keep up & have knitting, sewing,card making, jewellery making classes, fimo, clay classes too not just a social thing but fabulous to all be crafting & having a good old laugh doing it all too ! 

Please don't forget to join in with Noah's Valentine Christening online and send your messages to Noah xxxxxx 

Lots of Love Shelly xxxxx

#HugsForNoah Valentines Christening

Good morning my Aunt Esther came for tea yesterday & brought my handmade hooded blanket if anyone's a knitter you'll know how long things take to make, this blanket has 200 stitches, a lot of love has gone into making my blanket & I can't believe my Aunt Esther is 100 & she's made this just for me xxxxx thank you Aunt Esther I love you very much ❤️ #HugsForNoah 

Love Shelly xxx 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

#HugsForNoah Piano Fingers

Good morning lovelies how are you and what's your plans for the weekend ? 

We have Aunt Esther, Nana, Grandad & Uncle Raymond coming so just 10 for tea, we are all getting really excited about Noah's Christening next week, we've had some amazing help from family & friends making & using what we have to recycle & make decorations, I have some material bunting that I'm half way through still have to sew it it all up yet. 

Noah's been loving his piano this week, it's a really old not tuned and we've glued some of the keys back on, but the main thing is Noah loves it, we bought it for £20 many years ago & a piano stool for £1 at the auction, I love to see Noah enjoy his music !

We will have a few surprises next Saturday to share with you to ........... Can't say anymore

Lots of love Shelly x