Tuesday, 24 March 2015

#HugsForNoah paralysed Noah stands ! I Will and I Am !

Where theres a will there's away ! Back in early December last year Noah got fitted for his body brace we call these Noah's dancing legs, just under an hour to have this cast done, Noah didn't bother bless him 

Daddy held Noah up in the air so the cast at the back could have a lovely curve 

You tell with his bright red cheeks bless him, Noah had, had enough ! Now we waited for the phone call for the next step to have the brace fitted, we still wouldn't be able to take them home as the braces still needed to be lined with shammy leather and the straps sewn on. 

Noah has come such a long way ! Incredible to think that Noah has just 2% brain, paralysed from the chest ..... He's SO determined Noah's now asking to RUN !!!!!! I'm not thinking oh no you can't do that, I'm thinking how do we help you Noah to run ! In the news lately a bionic arm made from a 3D printer surely an outa bionic brace could be made ? 

We take so much for granted to stand or take a step, get up and walk 

Friday 13th Febuary 2015 we saw our amazing son stand for the first time ever what an emotional day the most incredible thing I've ever seen ! We wanted to take them home but couldn't as this was our fitting day ........... 

A few weeks later a second fitting and we got to take Noah's dancing legs home ! 

A very proud moment for us as parents and a huge thank you to Team Brantly & his amazing parents, if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't of known about these braces as we weren't offered them on the NHS but after not shutting up for two years finally Noah got his legs, we feel very lucky to share this with you and hope it will inspire others never to give up, Noah has loved being on his feet, Noah's balance is awesome ! So thank you Team Brantly ! We send our love across the pond xxxxx 

Noah standing on his own two feet 

Here's the YouTube link of Noah taking his very first steps http://youtu.be/cqYglstRH8w

Noah turned round to give daddy a big kiss bless him ! 

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