Monday, 30 August 2010

Classic Chanel

Even if you’re wearing your old favorite pair of jeans and a sweatshirt to walk the dog a whiff of Chanel perfume will create an impression of sophistication and elegance. Your fellow dog walkers will immediately identify you as that woman with a bit of class, even if your dog is an mongrel.
More importantly, and this is what perfume does better than anything, it will lift your mood. The routine chores, the grey winter day will all melt away. Chanel perfume performs that trick best of all.
The most famous Chanel perfume is Chanel No 5. It was invented by the perfumier Ernst Beaux. Fashioner designer Coco Chanel commissioned him to blend six fragrances and she chose number five. Hence the name.
Chanel No 5 was intended to be the most expensive perfume in the world. The price came from the amount of jasmine it contained. It still contains jasmine but it’s out priced by a lot of other brands these days. But nothing beats the famous scent of Chanel No 5.
Coco Chanel used to spray Chanel perfume around her fitting rooms. It’s a trick that fashion houses still use because it lifts the mood of the client.

When asked what she wore in bed at night, Marilyn Monroe is reputed to said, “Why, Chanel No 5, of course.” Her endorsement of Chanel perfume made it a best seller worldwide.
Chanel’s image has been updated by the endorsement of younger actresses and models. Nicole Kidman and Kate Moss have been the face of Chanel for a while. They were followed by the actress Keira Knighley. It was her natural flaws that attracted the Chanel perfume people to her.
Chanel perfume is so distinctive it can be sold without even a shot of the bottle on the advertisements. Its adverts are tiny films designed to flatter the actress as much as the product.
Chanel perfumes are an acquired taste. You need to test them before you buy. some will suit you, some won’t, and one will be the ideal fragrance for you.
If you find Chanel No 5 too heavy and distinctive then try one of the other Chanel perfumes. Chanel Chance has a younger, lighter fragrance. It is sweet and floral, yet spicy at the same time.

Coco Mademoiselle and Coco have similar names but these two Chanel perfumes are entirely different from one another. Coco Mademoiselle, or CM as its afficanados call it, has a very 21st century feel to it. It’s based on Coco Chanel’s principle that less is more. It’s a kind of stripped down version of Coco perfume. They were both made by the same perfumier, Jacques Polge.
The problem as with all Chanel perfumes is the price. The answer is to test them in your local store then buy them at the duty free when you travel or drop some subtle hints at Christmas and birthdays.

Chanel Perfume – Reasons Elegant Women Choose It !

Memories of family life

The first time I saw this film I really couldn't stop laughing as it reminded me of my mum & dad, what ever house we lived in mum would say to dad "I think we will have a wall here and a door there" the houses where amazing, my sister and I would go to bed and wake up with the front room totally different mum was the decorator, sewer, cook, cleaner, and dad the builder, artist, crafts man, beer maker, mechanic, also turning his hand to anything, dad would build some amazing things, like a Range Rover which he built from the chassis up it had an engine etc I loved it. We took the Range Rover to Belgium on holiday along with the caravan that dad had totally rebuilt one side of , he did a great job rebuilding it, Mum of course styled the inside and everything was matching, the cushions, curtains and seats, now that was a fantastic holiday. They would always be on the go mum would sew and knit for hours after my sister & I had gone to bed, we would wake up to something completely new it could of been anything from loopy cardigans, new skirts, dresses, knitted full length coats, ball gowns, bridesmaid ,curtains, cushions in our bedrooms mum and dad always made things, making our house a home, they made us feel loved & always safe ! Its my parents ruby wedding on 12th Sept and I just wanted to dedicate this to them as my sister & I wouldn't be the people we are today if it wasn't for having such good parents love to you both xxxx
so have a look & a giggle at this snippet of film and remember back to moving walls! 

Happy Anniversary x

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wood Mad !! Make things for Free

This picture was taken when we first moved in Aug 2008 the house is very old 1730 and was originally a pub Ive got my back to an archway, where there use to be coaches that came through, under the archway and along the cobbled road which is still here under the gravel, on the left where the window is use to be where they would park there horse and carts then off load the beer barrels ! - Oh to be a fly on the wall !

You can still see the archway outline ! & when rob had to dig a 60ft trench from the back door to the main road because of a burst pipe - well that's how he found the cobbles, Mmmm that's another story ha,

Everything was so over grown, to do one job took four other jobs first! after nearly everything had been riped out of the house (great space for dumping) rob & I sat down to plan the space we knew we wanted a wood shed, veg, park the car, hang washing out we are still on with it 2 years down the line but here's where we are today x

First we had to put the feelers out and see who had wood, look in skips, clear someone elses pile of wood, going knocking on peoples door, i really couldn't believe it when i saw this i was in wood heaven, 8 trips & two cars & trailer later we finally finished phew ... Unbelievable amount of wood ! so now trying to locate a second hand chainsaw (I don't like them) rob found one and it was bought for £20.00 bargin! still on the go 2 years later

Masses amount of ivy to moveI don't think it had ever been cut, to ages to cut, then rob had tons to load in the car, repair the back wall and build a woodshed - easy ha

quarter of this wall measures 16ft it took along time to point did well though, levelled the ground.

Every piece of wood had to be painted, gaps all round to let the air in so wood would dry out for the winter, and all this came from pallets ! Free.

Next was the raised beds for the veg yum, lined with thick plastic, & copper pipping around the top so the slugs wouldn't get in ha ha and we have not had any slugs get in, we had a phone call from our friend Ron saying if you want & still need a greenhouse theres one here, couldn't believe it yeah i can grow veg, never done it before, i kill everything green, Ron said now don't forget get some muck in it too or your veg will be tiny, i screwed my face up said no way, i have to say he's sooooo right (thanks ya little darling) we where now on our way.

Ha you need a beer or two when your gardening, now i saw the flags for the base outside someones house, asked very nicely and i only needed 6, lucky there was 6, yes you can have them and kindly put them in the boot too - nice man, rob washed all the frame down, put the glass in - i was ready to rock & roll !!!

I love my greenhouse xx thank you darling x

All the wood has been cut read for the winter, we have been using it this last couple of weeks though x There use to be a building at the side of the greenhouse rob moved all 6ton of it, he reused what he could, used the odd fence panels, made a gate (out of pallets) i just painted it all which took for ever the only thing we bought was seeds from the pound shop a gate lock, some paint but mainly shear hard graft along with blisters ! just amazing what you get for free we make a great team Together Everyone Achieves More.
what do you recycle ??

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Before & after

This is little Allys room, we use to live in a very small house and Allys room was the box room, you could actually stretch your arms from one side to the other it was so small, so when we got this house ally got to choose her room she decided what she was having colour scheme, fire, curtains everything stef was her helper !
ally wanted to have ago at everything & for a teenager we are very lucky that she wanted to have ago ha even at sanding the floor, rob (hubby) showing ally what to do.
This house use to be a pub many years ago and stopped serving alcohol in the 1950's it was know as     "The  Bush Inn"
up stairs joining both of the girls rooms was a thin ply board wall which had been papered it had lovely flowers on it,(yuck) we had to fire proof both rooms it was recommended by the fire safety officer to take it all down and put up a proper wall up, when rob took the ply boards down there where a row of doors which folded back to make a function room, thought the room was huge before never mind when the folded doors where back it was massive of course it was a dirty job for rob taking it all down & he did really good job building another wall. 

Ally was so pleased to see where her fire was eventually going to go took ages to knock all the concrete out really sad to see original fire just ripped out and just everything filled in, and so nice to be bringing everything back to life love this picture of ally in her PJ's
Last was cleaning the chimney rob found a birds nest lucky we had a sheet to cover the opening, now we could have the walls skimmed ready for painting, ally wanted coving & she had picked a beautiful ceiling rose, hadn't seen any fireplaces that ally liked so we just kept looking, then driving through carlisle outside a junk shop there it was a lovely fireplace wrong colour but really nice mum & sister in law, helped take it all
apart and home it came to be revamped & loved x
Decided to spray the fireplace cream but the mantel was too big and it did have to be altered another job for rob!
ally had decided on pink of course just one wall where her fireplace was going her curtains are cream with ribbons down them and bows at the top (which i did by hand and a tiny button in the middle) my sister @houselabel did a really good job putting lines after lines of ribbons on and ally loves her curtains thank you aunty wendy
Over time we have been collecting things like a dressing table which ally wanted white

Ally loves this dressing table I painted it white and put white felt on the top and then ally did some small designs of outfits on small hangers she lay them on the felt then we put glass on the top. Allys done quite a  few different designs on her dressing table it looks really pretty
These are allys curtains

Found this mirror in a charity shop it was gold.

I love this room & you will be pleased to know ally loves it too x

A busy week

Well what a week 'A' level results, interviews at college, crafting cards, shopping, emergency dentist,horse riding, auction, tweeting, facebooking,cadets phew.......... Designing dolls clothes, ebaying,cooking,cleaning I love being busy, but it would be nice just to sew !
Ok lets start at the beginning then after a lovely weekend last week up early Monday morning and off to the local house clearance auction didn't buy as much this week at all just two boxes full of goodies & a lovely dressing table, in one of the boxes a pair of very old leather roller boots even got the number on the wooden wheels !  No 31 Hamaco take alook
I love things like this, they need a good clean though !
this was a bargin £10 pounds I really don't know whether I should paint it white or not & put some pretty little trinket boxes on it old brush and comb set, I think something like this looks really good in a bathroom one day I will be able to afford another slipper bath for our main bathroom it will be nice once everything comes together we have worked very hard doing this 1730's house up, I will put on some pictures for you to see before & after shots
Tuesday went to carlisle & spent two hours in the fabric shop I was in heaven, popped into the market where they had a small box of lace pieces quite cheap couldn't resist buying a few ! this was the day my business cards came 
I'm really pleased with myself for designing these as Ive never done anything like this ha I don't even want to give any away x
Wednesday ally went horse riding which she loved,
and the rest of the time both girls have been crafting and making some really stunning cards x
I think they have done such a good job making these they have been asked to do there step-sisters wedding next year, so there busy making samples now think theres another business venture there!
Thursday was results day so after some tweeting off we go to carlisle art college & school where stef picked up here results passed all three 'A' levels we are really proud of her xxx Well done darling
we did some shopping and bumped into Nana in asda stef told Nana how she had done, she was so pleased for her, the phone was red hot that day !
Friday up early as stef had an interview at carlisle college 10am after along morning having to do a maths & English test and then going for the interview they said yes to doing NVQ  level 1 in food prep & cooking! We have to get a uniform and a set of knifes next and references before her first day, think theres going to be a come dine with me in the house, ally said she will never be able to do spag bol like mums !
A good week had by all
P.S  wonder if I'll get to sew next week ?

Monday, 16 August 2010

Time goes by

Hi there and welcome to my blog

Had a lovely weekend, hope you did to I was busy doing the usual washing, cleaning cooking how do we find the time to squeeze in the special little moments both daughters of mine are really lovely girls and i wouldn't be without them at all i love being with them it makes me feel like a kid too hubby's a big kid to we make a great team, youngest has been designing which she loves ! oldest daughter has come back from camp after being away for a week it was so quite in the house ha, I've also been tweeting like mad & making so many friends just wanted to mention two lady's who really helped me over the weekend @polly_orange & @giddystuff thank you as i would of been very stuck, well done my business cards cant wait for then to arrive in the post should be a couple of days, also ended up with an 8 seater wooden table from freecycle love that site to, also been keeping a check on my eBay things to most important SEWING !! found a roll of fabric the must be at least 20meters of it when & where i got it from i really cant remember (that's old age ha) anyway decided to have another go on my brother machine which was also free (it slips stitches think that's why & the belts nearly gone) but i love it ! I'm in the middle of just finishing the cushions off so it wont be long before you see them.

Found a canvas i didn't like the colour at all & someone  gave me buttons, and a bargin moment in B&Q where i bought some tile paint for 50pence so i just covered it with material sprayed the buttons glued them on and hey presto oh and not forgetting my shellybobbins label bottom right ! I love just doing things on the spur of the moment think i get that from my
mum and the madness from my dad giggle x

Had a really good sort out the other week and took 13bags to the charity shop i couldn't stop myself when i saw this i just new i had to have it and couldn't wait to get it home ! best thing about it there was two yeah thinking on the way home blue Mmm, paper on the kitchen table 10mins it was done, i love it, was a great swap

Here it is my favourite place in the house ! cant believe my hubby made this with mdf ! the scrolls where from the charity shop to 50pence, it was an expensive day x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Mini Photo Shoot

Hi everyone
ive been trying to design business cards and thought why dont i just throw china cups, pearls and fabric together and see what happens !
The bobbins are from my mother-in-law, (thank you) the china cup i got with loads more from an auction on monday and the pearls were from my wedding day xx

let me know what you think and if they would be good on a business card please x

many thanks for taking the time come and visit xxxx

Pink heart

Hello everyone just thought i would upload some pictures for you to see, ive been very busy sewing
reminds me of sweeties !! didnt take me long to do ive put this on the body of the ragdoll 

cute !!
ive been to the woolshop and bought some wool !
loops, loops & loops ha im not loopy !
just got to sew everything together
and design and  make some clothes

Ha i love the stripy legs

Thursday, 12 August 2010

12th August 2010 sewing madness

hair hair and more hair ive decided to do a light brown hair on my ragdoll it takes along time to do this i thought it was going to be easy ha how wrong i was ! ive made a cotton body but didnt want to have a plain one, ive still got the one my aunty maxine made me as a little girl it says i love you, so i thought i would put a felt heart and sewn it on by hand with  i love you on it ! it looks just like a sweety and really cute ally my daughter has started doing designs dresses, shoes, and bags - i think we will be seeing more of this little designer when shes older, well i just thought i would say hello and let you know what ive been upto since starting this blog done the usual to of course washing cooking & cleaning !

many thanks for visit xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog

BOO !!
Im glad you taken the time to have a peek ! i making some samples at the minute so you will have to wait until ive made a ragdoll for you to see,
take care bye for now x