Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wood Mad !! Make things for Free

This picture was taken when we first moved in Aug 2008 the house is very old 1730 and was originally a pub Ive got my back to an archway, where there use to be coaches that came through, under the archway and along the cobbled road which is still here under the gravel, on the left where the window is use to be where they would park there horse and carts then off load the beer barrels ! - Oh to be a fly on the wall !

You can still see the archway outline ! & when rob had to dig a 60ft trench from the back door to the main road because of a burst pipe - well that's how he found the cobbles, Mmmm that's another story ha,

Everything was so over grown, to do one job took four other jobs first! after nearly everything had been riped out of the house (great space for dumping) rob & I sat down to plan the space we knew we wanted a wood shed, veg, park the car, hang washing out we are still on with it 2 years down the line but here's where we are today x

First we had to put the feelers out and see who had wood, look in skips, clear someone elses pile of wood, going knocking on peoples door, i really couldn't believe it when i saw this i was in wood heaven, 8 trips & two cars & trailer later we finally finished phew ... Unbelievable amount of wood ! so now trying to locate a second hand chainsaw (I don't like them) rob found one and it was bought for £20.00 bargin! still on the go 2 years later

Masses amount of ivy to moveI don't think it had ever been cut, to ages to cut, then rob had tons to load in the car, repair the back wall and build a woodshed - easy ha

quarter of this wall measures 16ft it took along time to point did well though, levelled the ground.

Every piece of wood had to be painted, gaps all round to let the air in so wood would dry out for the winter, and all this came from pallets ! Free.

Next was the raised beds for the veg yum, lined with thick plastic, & copper pipping around the top so the slugs wouldn't get in ha ha and we have not had any slugs get in, we had a phone call from our friend Ron saying if you want & still need a greenhouse theres one here, couldn't believe it yeah i can grow veg, never done it before, i kill everything green, Ron said now don't forget get some muck in it too or your veg will be tiny, i screwed my face up said no way, i have to say he's sooooo right (thanks ya little darling) we where now on our way.

Ha you need a beer or two when your gardening, now i saw the flags for the base outside someones house, asked very nicely and i only needed 6, lucky there was 6, yes you can have them and kindly put them in the boot too - nice man, rob washed all the frame down, put the glass in - i was ready to rock & roll !!!

I love my greenhouse xx thank you darling x

All the wood has been cut read for the winter, we have been using it this last couple of weeks though x There use to be a building at the side of the greenhouse rob moved all 6ton of it, he reused what he could, used the odd fence panels, made a gate (out of pallets) i just painted it all which took for ever the only thing we bought was seeds from the pound shop a gate lock, some paint but mainly shear hard graft along with blisters ! just amazing what you get for free we make a great team Together Everyone Achieves More.
what do you recycle ??


  1. wow ... you have done loads of work! ... the raised beds look great ... I have a dream of doing up an old farm house and becoming self-sufficient, growing veg and keeping hens and pygmy goats!

    Maria x

  2. You have been busy! We live in an old place too - was the village shop all the way back in the 1700's. You want to come and work some of your magic here? LOL. xx

  3. That's some work you've done. Looks fantastic - if I had known I could have shipped over loads of old pallets that we accumulate at our warehouse. Sometimes we have to dump a lot of broken ones.
    Anyway great work,
    Cheers John