Thursday, 30 December 2010

Competition Time / 3 Free Day Passes DW Sports Fitness !

How Many friends can you recommend me to ?!/pages/Shellybobbins/123061051074492

 Post my link on your facebook page & get shellybobbins more fans? Tweet about shelly to get more followers ? Blog about shelly to help get more bloggers ? Its up to you, the more people you recommend me to the better

As of today I have 236 fans on shellybobbins facebook page lets see who can increase this the most ?


To introduce at least one new fan, blogger, follower on twitter to shellybobbins to enter.
Send  me a personal message through facebook or twitter which ever is easier.

Competition starts today 5pm & Ends at 5pm 3rd Jan 2011

Terms & Conditions apply:-

1. Only one day pass per person.
2. The day pass can only be used once.
3. The day pass must be redeemed by stated expiry date which is January 31st 2011 at Carlisle DW sports Fitness ONLY, cannot be used at any other DW Sports Fitness at all.
4. Day pass refers to use of the club anytime between 8.30am - 4.30pm weekdays and 8am - 8pm weekends.
5. Over 16s Only.
6. Day pass cannot be exchanged for cash.
7. Management maintain the right to refuse entry.

The 3 tickets will be sent to the wining person & special delivery from me first thing 4rd of January 2011

Good Luck to everyone & don't forget to send me a private message through facebook or twitter or email address :- winner will be picked at random on 3rd of January after 5pm & details of name posted on my blog, facebook page & twitter

 Love Shellybobbins xxxx


Looking to try something new? Join DW Sports Fitness gym in Carlisle. Get your energy back and be at your life’s best with our gym, geographically located at Currock Road, Carlisle. See amazing results and work out on state-of-the-art equipment in a positive environment. We look at everyone as an individual and will make you feel welcome the instant you step through our doors. So give us a call, or why not pop in today.

Contact Details

DW Sports Fitness
Currock Road
T. 0844 372 53 59
E. E-mail us
E. Membership Administration

Opening Times

6:30 am - 10:00 pm Weekdays
8:00 am - 8:00 pm Weekends
8:00 am - 6:00 pm Bank Holidays
Location Map

Love Shellybobbins xxxx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Shellybobbins Meeting Duncan Bannatyne on the 9th November !

Centre for Leadership Performance

Andy Smith, Director of the Centre for Leadership Performance, is pleased to announce the first of our Guest Speaker events featuring business guru and TV “Dragon”

Duncan Bannatyne
Picture with shellybobbins & Duncan Bannatyne
Thursday 9th December 2010
10am – 1pm
(including networking lunch)
Energus, Lillyhall, Workington, CA14 4JW

To find out more about CfLP, please visit our website

We look forward to seeing you in December.

With kind regards

Centre for Leadership Performance

The Centre for Leadership Performance is a new initiative that aims to develop leadership capability across the private, public and civic sectors in Cumbria. Over the recent past, Cumbria has been through some severely testing times and suffered from limited inward investment that has restricted economic growth.

This, coupled with the global economic downturn and national government spending cuts has reemphasised the need for the region to work together to leverage the latent creativity and fortitude residing in the area.

Imaginative, capable and informed leadership is a vital ingredient in the regeneration and development of a thriving and vibrant economy and society.

In 2008, Nuclear Management Partners (NMP) committed to strengthening the region’s leadership capability. As a vehicle to achieving this, NMP has embarked on establishing and driving forward a Centre for Leadership Performance (CfLP). At the end of September 2010, they appointed a full time Director from their staff to lead the centre.

It is recognised that leadership also has a large role to play within the developing Energy Coast Campus Initiative. Combining the requirements of NMP and the Energy Coast Campus, and with their considerable resources made available, the Centre for Leadership Performance will be able to bring together and nurture Cumbrian talent to support the Energy Coast Masterplan and lead the region into the future.

We are currently developing a tier of activity which will specifically concentrate and expand upon our leadership masterclasses theme. The first of these events will take place on 9th December. This will be the first in a series that will continue into the New Year. Please visit our website to find out more about CfLP and our activities.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

My Lovely Brother Machine ! Thanks to getting grants Cumbria Foundation & Routes to Work

Brilliant day yesterday ! another cheque came through the post, so off quick to the bank I went Ive ended up using my overdraft :-( but I know the cheque will clear in a few days so thats ok, the lovely lady in the shop carried it out along with a customer bless, in it filled the boot even had to put the back seats down aswell, ha. It was soon in the house when I got in, rob just managed to carry it in, and within 20mins it was all up and running !

The only thing I would say is dont use cheap cotton, make sure you use embroidery cotton, I need to get some in all colours - ha ha another trip to the sewing shop is needed

And this is where it all started ! lovely cathrine from chamber of commerce carlisle finding this on freecycle - lovely lady xx

I did tweet Kirstie Allsopp, so very nice to get tweeted back, I was excited to show her ! as the programs she does along with channel 4,  just brilliant Kirsties Homemade Its all her fault Im now sewing mad - So you might not see me for a while ha ha ha xx

Just wanted to share this news with you all xx 

With Love Shellybobbins xx 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Guest At BBC Radio Cumbria with Mike Parr & Shellybobbins 18/11/10 at 7:22 am

Just click play button and listen if you wish to leave comments I would appreciate it very much

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Hello everyone and thank you, so nice of you to enter shellybobbins giveaway

The Winners Are:-

Laurie @luludaisy

Lou @bobbity666

Giddy Stuff


Peggy Knits

Susannah Leggatt


Mrs Shilts

Tracey Chorley


please email your address please to 

Dont forget to tell all your friends where you won your paint pots at I do step by step crafting on so pop over and check out my crafting xxx

With love shellybobbins xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Open For Business At Last & A Retweet From TheoPaphitis - Dragons Den

Well My goodness what a hell of journey Ive been through since June this year, the  News & Star our local paper are doing a story on me, I went there on Monday night just gone Kelly who did the story carried my heavy vintage machine into the building, one of the desks where cleared and there we set up ! just brilliant out came one of the very first samples of a shellybobbins doll, which I have to say looks nothing like the one Ive done ha ,  I cant wait to put the link on tomorrow, well today ha, It is nearly 2am, Loads of sewing to do tomorrow & of course read the news paper ha.

Well I must tell you about Theo Paphitis you know that I do go on about this #sbs small business Sunday between 5 & 7.30pm every Sunday and you tweet theo with your web link and if your luck on the Monday he will re tweet your information, Well Monday came and had checked my phone a few times but then when it had got passed 11 O'clock I did stop checking, Then I had a tweet saying Well done, I thought I was with opening on Wednesday till I checked AND YES IT WAS MY TURN  I got the RETWEET from THEO FROM THE dragons DEN !! I did scream ha ha
Here's my Re- tween from theo !
Then It did go mad, as when you re- tweet because theo has 55 thousand followers everyone came to follow me too, not 55 thousand !! ha ha ha but my phone notifications never stop with new twitter friends which is amazin, its been so much fun

The main thing is to use this as positive advertising to promote small businesses !
#SBS on twitter ROCKS !
Theo & everyone else that has taken the time and effort to support me, family, friends, husband & both daughters, grants places, James at routes to work PS. please send my cheque lol, Ellen at Cumbria Foundation,  Joanne Miller whos an ambassador for women in business Joanne has offered to help mentor me too. , Alison Marrs ,Cathryn at Chamber of commerce (got me my machine from freecycle really kind lady) Nanny Fi from who invited me to do all the crafting on her site & get my name known - big thank you x, Big thank you to Paul at the singer shop in Carlisle fantastic demo & fantastic £600 discount as Paul wanted to help me, Robbie Dee from CFM who every morning kept me going I did text in a few months ago and he did give shellybobbins such a good plug thank you Robbie x Tony at the Halifax who has been amazin anyone who wants to open a business account go and see him tell him Shelly sent you x Gabriella Buckingham who I became friends with straight away on twitter and helped me so much gabs asked for my story and took it as an example and off she went to see government ministers, she is amazin lady that was another story which if you do want to read it, its on hear too.  When word got out that I really needed a machine one of neighbours came knocking on our door with not one but two very old singer machines and said if you want these take them just lovely people you meet that help you so much, so I just wanted to say thank you x

Love shellybobbins

PS. don't forget to buy on my folksy store ready for Christmas please xxx
Email address for any orders you wish to contact me about x

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Wednesday the 17th November

It seems like forever ! Ive worked so hard to be self employed, research, grants, courses, it seems like only yesterday being made redundant, (2nd of June 2010) so glad it was me I'm thinking now smiling with a twinkle in my eye ! thanks ex-boss and I really do mean that.

My folksy shop will be open as of Wednesday 9am so please pop by and have alook at my gifts for Christmas if you would like a child's name, husbands, mum, dad, auntie, uncle, mummy, daddy, gran, nan, grandma, grandad, cat, dog, goldfish, works name, twitter shop name, then yes I can hand write and hand cut out of felt also hand sew, with there being allot of hand sewing alittle extra charge of 50pence per letter on top of the stocking - postage will be extra too, also I will have a gift wrapping service available if required, so don't delay and get your name on the list !
just drop me an email as the list is growing already by the hour !


To enter competition you need to do the following be a follower on my blog also on twitter and also a fan on my facebook page which I will post the links at the end so don't worry, you need leave a comment on my blog to enter and with every entry left as a comment on my blog I receive and email from the emails I will  pick the winners randomly they will receive a set of three children's paint pots each !! these are great for young children as they have lids too !!! you can use them for paint or water its great having them with lids as it does cut down spillages

10 sets to give away !!

Competition will run from today 13/11/10 at 5pm and end on midnight Wednesday 17/11/10
Winners will be announced on Thursday 12noon on my blog

good luck love shellybobbins

To Buy from my folksy shop there will always be a folksy sign on the top left hand side of my blog, folksy shop link will always be on my facebook page too x

Friday, 12 November 2010


Ive just seen what happened to our lovely red poppys burned on rememberance day - awful, feel really sorry for those hurt by it, dont let them get to you, saying that my eyes just filled up I couldnt believe what i saw

this short WW2 footage is amazin to watch and nice to think all though ive not seen a picture of my great, great grandad and that somewhere in it, he was smiling x my daughters will both be collecting money for rememberance sunday in Carlisle tomorrow, its allys birthday on sunday but she did say rememberance sunday comes first and I know i will be their stood in floods of tears and feel very proud to be BRITISH !

please feel free to leave any comments as I love reading them x

love Shellybobbins xxx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Movember letter - What is it ? Please support our twitter friend

Movember letter
Movember  2010
Why am I doing Movemeber ?
I am doing it to help fight Cancer, this time it’s to help fight Prostate Cancer.
Tragically, one man dies every hour from prostate cancer in the UK.
I have over the years, lost friends and family to Cancer. It’s a disease that will strike  the Young or the Old, the Fit or the Weak, Male or Female,  without prejudist.
I Support many Cancer funds, my main one being the LIVESTRONG Foundation set up by Lance Armstrong. Lance is the seven times Tour De France cyclist, who found a lump in one of his testicles and by the time he was diagnosed it had spread to his Lungs and Brain.  After major surgery he was able to come back and win the Tour De France a 3471KM Cycle Race.
  He also set up the foundation to help people who are fighting cancer or have a loved one who is fighting it. His goal is to raise awareness and provide help and information on how to battle the disease. This was one thing he personally experienced whilst battling his own fight of cancer.
Did you know?
Currently there are over28 Million people in the world Fighting Cancer.

So how will I support MOVEMBER….
By going from a clean shaven baby face to a furry Tashed top lip, whilst trying to raise money to fight Prostate Cancer….Bring it on!
I myself once found a lump and had to have it checked out. I was numb, the thoughts that ran through my mind were indescribable, waiting for what the Doc is going to say. Mine turned out ok but there are the others out there that get the news “You Have Cancer” it’s for those people that I am doing this.
Thank You for reading and please support.
Dave x
Please feel free to leave any comments
with love Shellybobbins

Friday, 29 October 2010

Told off by Theo Paphitis & Twitter Ooops Sorry x


This week Ive been tweeting alot and found out that Theo Paphitis from dragons den supports small businesses by doing a Small Business Sunday,(#sbs) Theo re-tweets your details every Sunday by sending a message to Theo with #sbs in it, if you are lucky enough to be picked Theo will RE-TWEET tweeting starts at 5pm & ends at 7.30pm - good luck !!
When I found out this I did tweet alot and re tweeted, re tweeted not only mine but everyone else's !  I thought this would help everyone, not only did I get numb thumb but told off by twitter !!! and they stopped me tweeting with only 15mins to go I couldn't believe it, anyway bottom lip was out but I was pleased to see that louise from baby signing mummy getting a re-tweet from Theo, later that night I received a message from Theo this is what Theo said :-

SORRY THEO ! I really am, told off by Theo & twitter :-(

Maybe this will make up for it
Twitter link  also on facebook!/TheoPaphitisOfficial Cant wait to see Theo's  new and fabulous lingerie range which I cant wait to buy ! Have you bought his book ? here's the link


Theo’s life story, Enter the Dragon, is published by Orion Books in paperback. It gives an insight into the thoughts and aspirations of one of the UK’s most popular entrepreneurs.

In this revealing and controversial memoir, Theo not only takes the reader behind the scenes on Dragons' Den, he explains how he made his fortune. He also provides a master class in business methods that will enable anyone who reads this book to learn so much about how they too can improve their business acumen.

Theo recalls how his family moved to England from Cyprus and how as a poor immigrant, he took whatever jobs he could, starting as a tea boy for Lloyd's. There, despite the handicap of his dyslexia, he began to take the first steps on a career that would net him a fortune. He reveals the methods that took him to the top, and also provides some fascinating insight into the world of football from his spell as chairman of Millwall FC.

Above all, this is a book that will provide all readers with the opportunity to learn from one of the nation's most successful businessmen and put his ideas into practice.

So click on the links to follow Theo & buy the book

with love from shellybobbins

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Small Business Funding list given to me by my local MP's office for UK


Groups and individuals seeking finance for projects often approach the constituency office for guidance.  This is a list of potential sources of finance that are known to the constituency office.  It is a very brief outline of some of the funding.  For each potential source there are contact details.  There is no guarantee that the sources named will be able to help.  All details given are correct as sent to the constituency office at various times since June 2001.


The Association of Charity Officers

This organisation keeps details of possible sources of charitable funding for individuals.  You need to contact them to explain why you need funding.

The Association of Charity Officers
Beechwood, House of Commons, Wyllotts Close
Potters Bar
Tel: 01707 651 777
Fax: 01707 660 477


Improving play opportunities for 5-16 year olds.

Project Manager of the Better Play Programme
Children’s Services Department
Tanners Lane
Tel: 0208 550 8822
Tel: 0208 551 6870
The Francis C Scott Charitable Trust (FCSCT)

A major grant giving trust based in Kendal, Cumbria.  Our grants support charities addressing disadvantage in Cumbria and North Lancashire (the first priority) and the remainder of Lancashire (the second priority).

The Francis C Scott Charitable Trust (FCSCT)
3 Lambrigg Terrace
Tel: 01539 741610

In Kind Direct

Started by the Prince of Wales; the charity distributes surplus goods from industry to the voluntary sector.

In Kind Direct
PO Box 140
20 St Mary at Hill
Tel: 020 7204 5003
Fax: 020 7204 5551


First Aid for Rural Cumbria

This is the County Council’s initiative to get cash to community projects to help them recover from foot and mouth.
Workington: 01900 325011
Carlisle: 01228 606734


Vital Villages – the Countyside Agency

A grant based project run by the Countryside Agency in partnership with Rural Community Councils, which aims to implement the community aspects of the Rural White Paper and tackle rural problems.

Countryside Agency
Vital Villages Application Call Centre
Tel: 0870 333 0170

The Countryside Agency

Local Community Project Grants
Debbie Kerr
Tel: 01768 869523

Connexions Grants

Project funding to develop local responses to assist individuals aged 13-19 with multiple disadvantages who face exclusion, specifically with respect to the following 7 key priorities:

·        Areas of deprivation, teenage parents, young offenders, drug and solvent abuse, young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, travel to work and learning issues, young people in rural locations.

Enquiries about grant funding and the application form to: -

Workington Connexions Centre

213 Vulcans Lane
CA14 2BT
Tel: 01900 604674


New Opportunities Fund

This fund distributes National Lottery money to charities to voluntary and community groups and Grants for health, education and environment projects – focusing particularly on social inclusion.

Michelle McNamee – North West Regional Officer
New Opportunities Fund
North West Regional Office

Dallam Court

Dallam Lane
Tel: 01925 626800
Fax: 01925 234041
General Information 0845 0000 121

Community Fund – see under Charitable Trusts for local contact

Printed application forms available from 0845 791 9191

Sport England

Sports lottery money is spent on buildings, pitches and equipment, talented athletes of all ages, world class sporting events and a variety of other projects.

Sport England

16 Upper Woburn Place
Tel: 020 7273 1500
Fax: 020 7383 5740
Awards for All

A grants programme set up to help small groups – projects that are open and accessible to the community allowing people to enjoy a wide range of activities.

Awards for All North West
Ground Floor

Dallam Court

Dallam Lane
Tel: 01925 626800
Fax: 01925 234041

Arts Council of England

Arts lottery money is spent on a wide range of projects including the construction and refurbishment of arts venue, arts activity and public participation in the arts.

The Arts Council

14 Great Peter Street
Tel: 0207 312 0123
Fax: 0207 973 6590

North West Lottery Money

This is a central number for to get advice on all potential lottery funding for the area.

Tel: 0845 275 0000
Fax: 0845 275 0022



This business sponsorship incentive scheme for grass roots sport in England.

4th Floor
Warwick House of Commons

25-27 Buckingham Palace Road

HBOS – Community Relations

Community relations programme HBOS plc (the merger of the Bank of Scotland and the Halifax) – make occasional donations towards community groups.

Community Relations
The Mound
Tel: 0130 243 5533
Fax: 0131 243 5546


Community giving arm of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.

Building 444 Sellafield
CA20 1PG
Tel: 01946 728333
Shell UK – Better Britain Campaign

Aims to enable effective action for community based sustainable development by providing community project grants, useful information, funding for partnership innovation and building a thriving network of community groups sharing good practice and experience.

Shell Better Britain Campaign
King Edward House
135a New Street
B2 4QJ

Hertel UK Services

Makes one-off donations depending on the type of application to groups such as: - scouts, guides, sea cadets, and playgroups.

David Turner
Site Manager
Hertel UK Services
Site 5
CA20 1PG

Lloyds TSB Bank plc

Give Grants to charities – especially for those who are disadvantaged or disabled – to enable people to play a fuller role in communities.

David Kay
Lloyds TSB Bank plc

26-32 Bank Street
Time Square
Tel: 01925 444652  Fax: 01925 413798

Cumbria Community Foundation

Charitable trust dedicated to supporting the work of voluntary and community organisations in Cumbria, particularly where there is the greatest disadvantage and which improve the quality of life in the community.

Cumbria Community Foundation
Unit 6B Lakeland Business Park
CA13 0QT
Tel: 01900 825760
Fax: 01900 826527


UGG270 (UK) B&Q – Better Neighbour Grants Scheme

The Better Neighbour Grants Scheme enables schools, community groups and charitable organisations to apply for funding to support a local community project.

The scheme provides between £50 and £500 worth of B&Q materials to help get a community project up and running.

Projects should have a long-lasting benefit to the community and the materials and methods used should not damage the environment in the short or long-term.

Applications may be made at any time and the application process is initiated by visiting a local store.

UGG390 (UK) Apex Trust

Offering a wide range of services to ex-offenders and employers, Apex Trust seeks to help people with criminal records obtain jobs and encourage and support organisations to employ them.

The Trust operates a UK-wide helpline named JobCheck which offers confidential advice and information to ex-offenders and employers on a range of issues including: -

·        When a conviction becomes spent.
·        Criminal records checks.
·        Best practice for employing ex-offenders.
·        Where to get training.
·        Where to get specific advice and guidance.

In addition, the Trust runs a variety of projects based around England which offer support to ex-offenders such as employability training, advocacy and ongoing support and help to employers, for example, through the Employee Volunteer Programme which enables employees to visit prisons to talk to inmates about employment-related matters.

UE6990 (England) Clerks’ Training Bursary Scheme

Support for clerks of parish councils in England with an annual turnover of less than £25,000 is available for skills or personal training that will aid them in their councils’ work.  It is hoped that the bursary will encourage more clerks to undertake the Certificate in Local Administration.

Up to £200 is available, up to 75% of the cost of the course.

This scheme was originally due to close in March 2005, however, it has been confirmed that it will continue for the 2005/2006 financial year.  Applications must, therefore, be received by 31st March 2006.

UGG280 (UK) Henry Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation is a registered charity, set up and endowed by Mr Moore “to advance the education of the public by the promotion of their appreciation of the fine arts and in particular the works of Henry Moore”.

The Foundation concentrates its support on sculpture.  It also supports a wide range of projects and activities in the visual arts through its donations programme.  Among areas covered are student bursaries, fellowships for artists and grants to art institutions, galleries and museums.  The Foundation provides additional financial resources to support the work of living artists and contemporary art practice.

Funding of £500 upwards is available for specific projects.  A small number of grants of up to £50,000 are awarded each year.

Applications are considered at quarterly meetings of the Foundation’s Grants Committee.

UGB790 (England) Community Recycling and Economic Development (CRED)

Support of between £50,000 and £300,000 is available for community-based organisations in England to: -

·        Establish new waste recycling, reuse or composting projects in areas where they do not currently exist.
·        Expand existing waste recycling, reuse or composting projects through, for example, collection of additional materials or expanding the geographical area covered.
·        Increase the weight of material recycled reused or composted through education or awareness-raising activities.

Applications may be submitted at any time as CRED is a rolling programme with no deadlines.  However, it is expected that the scheme will close to new applications at the end of 2005 or when all the money has been allocated.  In either case, projects must be completed by the end of 2007.


Don’t forget that your local Neighbourhood Forum is a good source of grants for any Community Group.  Contact your local office to find out when their next grant panel is and if your project is eligible

Carlisle: 01228 606315, Eden: 01434 382128, Barrow: 01229 894312
Allerdale: 01900 325011, South Lakeland: 01539 773180 or 01229 894103
and Copeland: 01946 855020

If you would like further information on any of these grants or to receive the monthly funding/information on a regular basis please telephone Sylvia on 01228 512513 or send your e-mail address to


NCVO works with and for the voluntary sector in England by providing information, advice and support and by representing the views of the sector to government and policy-makers.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations
Regent’s Wharf
8 All
Saints Street
N1 9RL
Switchboard: 0207 713 6161
Helpdesk: 0800 2798 798

Institute of Fundraising

The Institute of Fundraising is the professional body for the UK fundraisers, working to promote the highest standard in fundraising practice and management.

Institute of Fundraising

Park Place

12 Lawn Lane
Tel: 0207 840 1000
Fax: 0207 840 1001

 Feel free to leave any comments please, thought It would be nice to share information as its not easy trying to set up a business even harder when your disabled x

These are my links so come and say hello x

With love from Shellybobbins xxx