Saturday, 27 November 2010

My Lovely Brother Machine ! Thanks to getting grants Cumbria Foundation & Routes to Work

Brilliant day yesterday ! another cheque came through the post, so off quick to the bank I went Ive ended up using my overdraft :-( but I know the cheque will clear in a few days so thats ok, the lovely lady in the shop carried it out along with a customer bless, in it filled the boot even had to put the back seats down aswell, ha. It was soon in the house when I got in, rob just managed to carry it in, and within 20mins it was all up and running !

The only thing I would say is dont use cheap cotton, make sure you use embroidery cotton, I need to get some in all colours - ha ha another trip to the sewing shop is needed

And this is where it all started ! lovely cathrine from chamber of commerce carlisle finding this on freecycle - lovely lady xx

I did tweet Kirstie Allsopp, so very nice to get tweeted back, I was excited to show her ! as the programs she does along with channel 4,  just brilliant Kirsties Homemade Its all her fault Im now sewing mad - So you might not see me for a while ha ha ha xx

Just wanted to share this news with you all xx 

With Love Shellybobbins xx 

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