Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Movember letter - What is it ? Please support our twitter friend

Movember letter
Movember  2010
Why am I doing Movemeber ?
I am doing it to help fight Cancer, this time it’s to help fight Prostate Cancer.
Tragically, one man dies every hour from prostate cancer in the UK.
I have over the years, lost friends and family to Cancer. It’s a disease that will strike  the Young or the Old, the Fit or the Weak, Male or Female,  without prejudist.
I Support many Cancer funds, my main one being the LIVESTRONG Foundation set up by Lance Armstrong. Lance is the seven times Tour De France cyclist, who found a lump in one of his testicles and by the time he was diagnosed it had spread to his Lungs and Brain.  After major surgery he was able to come back and win the Tour De France a 3471KM Cycle Race.
  He also set up the foundation to help people who are fighting cancer or have a loved one who is fighting it. His goal is to raise awareness and provide help and information on how to battle the disease. This was one thing he personally experienced whilst battling his own fight of cancer.
Did you know?
Currently there are over28 Million people in the world Fighting Cancer.

So how will I support MOVEMBER….
By going from a clean shaven baby face to a furry Tashed top lip, whilst trying to raise money to fight Prostate Cancer….Bring it on!
I myself once found a lump and had to have it checked out. I was numb, the thoughts that ran through my mind were indescribable, waiting for what the Doc is going to say. Mine turned out ok but there are the others out there that get the news “You Have Cancer” it’s for those people that I am doing this.
Thank You for reading and please support.
Dave x
Please feel free to leave any comments
with love Shellybobbins

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