Friday, 29 October 2010

Told off by Theo Paphitis & Twitter Ooops Sorry x


This week Ive been tweeting alot and found out that Theo Paphitis from dragons den supports small businesses by doing a Small Business Sunday,(#sbs) Theo re-tweets your details every Sunday by sending a message to Theo with #sbs in it, if you are lucky enough to be picked Theo will RE-TWEET tweeting starts at 5pm & ends at 7.30pm - good luck !!
When I found out this I did tweet alot and re tweeted, re tweeted not only mine but everyone else's !  I thought this would help everyone, not only did I get numb thumb but told off by twitter !!! and they stopped me tweeting with only 15mins to go I couldn't believe it, anyway bottom lip was out but I was pleased to see that louise from baby signing mummy getting a re-tweet from Theo, later that night I received a message from Theo this is what Theo said :-

SORRY THEO ! I really am, told off by Theo & twitter :-(

Maybe this will make up for it
Twitter link  also on facebook!/TheoPaphitisOfficial Cant wait to see Theo's  new and fabulous lingerie range which I cant wait to buy ! Have you bought his book ? here's the link


Theo’s life story, Enter the Dragon, is published by Orion Books in paperback. It gives an insight into the thoughts and aspirations of one of the UK’s most popular entrepreneurs.

In this revealing and controversial memoir, Theo not only takes the reader behind the scenes on Dragons' Den, he explains how he made his fortune. He also provides a master class in business methods that will enable anyone who reads this book to learn so much about how they too can improve their business acumen.

Theo recalls how his family moved to England from Cyprus and how as a poor immigrant, he took whatever jobs he could, starting as a tea boy for Lloyd's. There, despite the handicap of his dyslexia, he began to take the first steps on a career that would net him a fortune. He reveals the methods that took him to the top, and also provides some fascinating insight into the world of football from his spell as chairman of Millwall FC.

Above all, this is a book that will provide all readers with the opportunity to learn from one of the nation's most successful businessmen and put his ideas into practice.

So click on the links to follow Theo & buy the book

with love from shellybobbins


  1. hehe ... what are you like!

  2. Lol thats funny, but at least now I know what sbs stands for x


  3. I wondered what all that #sbs was about last week, now I know!!

  4. Thanks for all your comments, I really thought I was helping :-) looking back now really funny !!

    love shelly x

    Ps and this week its #Theosbs as hes in Hong Kong this is to help with the time difference

  5. Hahahaha you are soo funny- good for you!!