Monday, 26 December 2011

15th December Babybobbins has MRI scan & results from the 20th December

Our Christmas news after having the MRI scan at Newcastle RVI wasn't good, I had the scan on the 15th December & we had already been given the 20th December to go back for results and another ultra sound scan, so last week Christmas shopping scans, wrapping gifts, food shopping all had to be done and of course keeping positive too !

   What is an MRI scan ~~~~>

On the 20th December we where given our results and baby also has "Porencephalic" cyst/tumour and on the scan was a black area at the 1/4 back left hand side of baby's brain we found out that this is missing and will not grow back, we now have to deal with the fact of baby being mentally disabled too on top of the Spina Bifida & possible downs & possible 2 Chromosomes, We have also been told that the lesion on baby's back (spina bifida) is very large & if it cant be closed up baby has 10% survival rate due to it getting infected.

Sounds horrendous doesn't it ! never in a millions years did I ever think this was going to happen, Ive been given determination, positivity & strengh this is how I can manage to get on with it we have been given this opportunity to be pregnant and to love & care for our baby no matter what happens in 2012 but deap down I know in my heart of hearts baby will come home !

I'm now enjoying being pregnant and feeling baby move about, its so amazing hubby & girls to sit with there hands on my tummy & talk to baby and then watch baby respond with movements its incredible.

This 3D scan was taken on the 20th December I wanted to share it with you, babybobbins seems to be camera shy and only see one part of baby's face ! babybobbins likes sucking his/her thumb !

Alot of people have been sending such amazing comments & support over twitter, facebook, emails, text messages, even sending cards of support & letters this has kept us so positive, thank you so very much for all you do, doesn't matter how small, knowing your there and supporting us with your words, prayers lighting candles or just asking how we are, this really means the world to us xxx

With Love Bobbins Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx more information on this condition can be found by clicking on this link more information on spina bifida can be found by clicking this link

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Babybobbins now needs MRI scan

We had a very busy day yesterday at the RVI hospital Newcastle, going back in 2 weeks to have MRI scan on baby amazing what they can do while your pregnant.

Specialist now doesn't know about babys head fluid, as brain tissue forming normally, so now will be seeing a professor & talking to him about MRI scan results.

Also hospital have had to check my knee & elbow replacements & what they contain lucky it's titanium and not steel which if it was steel would cause a magnet & machine would rip them out (good job I mentioned I had replacements) !!!!!! Lol arm less & leg less lol !!!!

Also had a chat with the anesthetist about me being allergic to anesthetic, I asked while we where there about any research progects going on too, so now on one of those, anything to help is always good xxx

PS baby looked so gorgeous & wriggled for camera too ;0)) xxxx

Love Shellybobbins xxxx