Monday, 23 February 2015

#HugsForNoah 3rd birthday........ Virtual invite & free download party pack

Noah's 3rd Birthday on the 6th of March and like last year we are having a free birthday pack download Noah's party pack was printed off and actually went global last year so we are wanting to do the same again ! 

We Need Your Help ! We can't do this without your support, raising awareness I do everyday my mission is to spread the awareness of Noah's condition he has just 2% brain & paralysed from the chest, I know to take folic acid and did BUT what I didn't know was that you must take it 3 months before getting pregnant .......... Noah has a condition called Spina Bifida it sets in from the 14th day of conception and you don't even know your pregnant ! Around 1000 babies are born every year with this condition and around 200 actually make it, parents are given the choice to terminate upto 33 weeks in some cases, we where given this option and declined it 5 times ! a none resuscitation order was put on our beautiful baby son which we named Noah ...... We planed the funeral so we could all spend the time with Noah after the birth knowing we'd all be together with him.

Noah let out a HUGE cry his determination everyday to be here and do things is an amazing sight to see ! 

Please come and join in with Noah's 3rd birthday take a selfie and let us know where your from or what country 

Thank you 
Love Shellybobbins®

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Guest blog meet the lovely #SBS winner @MarshmellowUK #HugsForNoah

Look what the postman delivered this morning ! Thank you Gavin & Jackie we really couldn't wait to open these, Noah straightaway picked up the chocolate marshmellows "mummy open open" these had a very light dusting of coco on them & they're absolutely delicious ! 

Fresh smell of Marshmellow as we opened all these lovely parcels. Noah held the coconut piece & smelt it, this is the first time Noah's had Marshmellow, it's really soft & squidgy, like little pieces of fluffy clouds, it's very light in your mouth with bursts of flavour too!

We both loved the Belgium chocolate ! Can you tell Noah did too ! 

Chocolate all over his face bless & then on to the coconut flavour ! Ooooooh this was my favourite, if you love coconut you need to try this this one, it's mouth watering !!! Can't wait for hubby to come home and try blackberry flavour & fresh raspberry too along with nougat.

As I looked away Noah helped himself to another one ! 

Steph Noah's sister really loved the salted caramel "Just like Fudge & really delicious" 

Gavin & Jackie have had the pleasure of meeting Theo Paphitis & are official #SBS winners 


Noah with Theo 

We will be updating this blog post with hubby's comments on the nougat & blackberry Marshmellow & fresh raspberry flavours soon ! 

Love Shellybobbins® & Noah ©#HugsForNoah™

Monday, 9 February 2015

#HugsForNoah Valentines Christening virtual invite

Good morning lovelies with only a few days to go before Noah's Valentines Christening Day we are getting SO excited, so many family and friends are coming to spend the day with us...... But don't feel left out as we want you to come and join in online throughout the day we have set up an events page on Facebook

If you've never heard of Noah's story he has just 2% brain the rest of his head is fluid amazing that Noah can take a breath never mind see & hear, it's also remarkable that he understands you has a chit chat and usese words like marvellous & unbelievable, he knows how to count to 10 knows colours, shapes, animals, sings.  Noah sends emails can use Instagram, twitter too, he's nearly 3 years old, Noah also has a condition called Spina Bifida Noah was born with an open back you could see his spilt spine & nerves this was closed up after 43 hours after he was born, he's paraylsed from the chest & yet can tell us when he needs the potty, Noah has another condition called Lymphoedema his feet are very swollen with his, dispite having these conditions & also having a shunt fitted (head drain) nothing stops him and as parents it's important to us to raise awareness everyday if you would take a minute to look at Noah's website & watch his awareness video share it with your family & friends we'd be very grateful we think Noah is an amazing boy. 

We've also set up a page for twitter too 

Every week for the passed month family & friends have been round helping out & hand making decorations for Noah's christening 

This week it was love heart bunting, I was really surprised how easy it was to make ! 

Meet the family Aunt Anne, nana, Noah's sisters Steph & Ally, Aunty Steph, Aunty Annmarie, Lucas, Noah's daddy Rob 

Aunty Annmarie has spent ages cutting out salt dough elephants for bunting 
Don't they look fabulous 

One week it was bracelet making, I thought it would be lovely for Noah to give all the lady guest at his Christening a Valentines gift on the day ! 

These bracelets will be available on Noah's website 

It's been really lovely meeting here ever week & crafting, Its something I'd love to keep up & have knitting, sewing,card making, jewellery making classes, fimo, clay classes too not just a social thing but fabulous to all be crafting & having a good old laugh doing it all too ! 

Please don't forget to join in with Noah's Valentine Christening online and send your messages to Noah xxxxxx 

Lots of Love Shelly xxxxx

#HugsForNoah Valentines Christening

Good morning my Aunt Esther came for tea yesterday & brought my handmade hooded blanket if anyone's a knitter you'll know how long things take to make, this blanket has 200 stitches, a lot of love has gone into making my blanket & I can't believe my Aunt Esther is 100 & she's made this just for me xxxxx thank you Aunt Esther I love you very much ❤️ #HugsForNoah 

Love Shelly xxx 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

#HugsForNoah Piano Fingers

Good morning lovelies how are you and what's your plans for the weekend ? 

We have Aunt Esther, Nana, Grandad & Uncle Raymond coming so just 10 for tea, we are all getting really excited about Noah's Christening next week, we've had some amazing help from family & friends making & using what we have to recycle & make decorations, I have some material bunting that I'm half way through still have to sew it it all up yet. 

Noah's been loving his piano this week, it's a really old not tuned and we've glued some of the keys back on, but the main thing is Noah loves it, we bought it for £20 many years ago & a piano stool for £1 at the auction, I love to see Noah enjoy his music !

We will have a few surprises next Saturday to share with you to ........... Can't say anymore

Lots of love Shelly x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Only Fools and Horses Star Boycie (@BeingBoycie) Raising Funds for #HugsForNoah

How lovely to meet "Boycie" from "Only Fools & Horses" over twitter John & Sue AKA Marleen have been such amazing support !
John has alot of followers so you can imagine for me getting the word out about noahs condition by John retweeting the hash tag #HugsForNoah is incredible help to spread the word down to a wider audience we are so grateful for the help & cant thank John & Sue enough.
John emailed BBC Cumbria radio Station back in Febuary showing his support just before I went on air with Kevin Fernihough, totally blown away by this support, very overwhelming & Kevin then read out this live on air !
Thank you John
John & Sue's support has'nt stopped since, retweeting
helping spread the word, more recently John & Sue have donated
to noahs ebay auction which is still on going ( & just type in #HugsForNoah)
John donated signed books
John & Sue also donated these amazing signed gifts, and now also agreed for noah to meet up
for Hugs and a big thank you for there help in raising funds & awareness we will always be very grateful indeed
 Why not pop along and see John or Sue
as you would agree have real hearts of gold thank you both very much
sending lots of love to you both
love Bobbins Family & Hugs from Noah xxxx

Less Than Kind.Tour dates and venues.RICHMOND THEATRE,Outer London MonJune 3rd-Sat.June 8th. Theatre Royal,YORK.Tues.June 11th-Sat.June 15th.EVERYMAN THEATRE,CHELTENHAM. Mon.June 17th-Sat.June 22nd.WATERSIDE THEATRE,AYLESBURY Mon.June 24th-Sat.June 29th.

 Waterstones Book signings.LEICESTER 11am-12.30pm.Sat.June 8th.NEWPORT,SOUTH WALES.2pm-3..Sat.June 22nd.SHREWSBURY.11am-12.30pm.Sat.June 29th.TUNBRIDGE WELLS.11am-12.30pm.Sat.July 13th.BOURNEMOUTH,CASTLEPOINT.12pm-1.30pm.sat.July20th.WESTON-SUPER-MARE.1pm-2.30pm.Fri.July 26th.CARDIFF. 1pm-2.30pm.Sat.Sept.7th. ONLY FOOLS AND BOYCIE.An Intimate Evening with John Challis. DERBY ASSEMBLY ROOMS.June 7th.Box.Office:01332 255443 BROMYARD CONQUEST THEATRE.June 15th.Box.Office:01885 488575. HARWICH ELECTRIC PALACE.August 28th.Box Office:01255 553333 LINCOLN RITZ CINEMA.October 24th.Box Office.01522 528348 

Friday, 31 May 2013

#HugsForNoah 1st @HugsForNoah Gala Dinner for little Noah Wall @Armathwaitehall

Friday 24th May 2013 was the day we had all been planning and waiting for... after three months of planning the big day had arrived, it was Noah Wall's first Hugs For Noah Gala Dinner at Armathwaite Hall. Many amazing people had been involved in the planning of this event to make it the best evening possible so the levels of excitement were through the roof.
During the lead up to this fantastic event, the very lovely Beverley Knight recorded a video to help promote Hugs For Noah and the Gala Dinner taking place on 24th May 2013.
The love shown via the internet for baby Noah is amazing... nobody could ever have anticipated the number of people who have shown their support, given their time and helped with the promotion of this fantastic cause.
Gala Dinner poster
Rob and Shelly Wall chose this venue for their son's first Gala Dinner as this was the venue for their own wedding a couple of years previously which you can read about on ShellyBobbins blog - everyone looked amazing on Rob and Shelly's wedding day and it looked like the perfect location for Noah's first big event.
Rob and Shelly's Wedding
We arrived at Armathwaite Hall mid-afternoon on Friday to deliver our range of Hugs For Noah candles which were handcrafted by Cards And Candles For All Occasions to be used partly for decoration of the stunning venue, and also available for sale to fellow guests. The wonderful Armathwaite Spa staff were in the process of decorating the venue when we arrived and the function suite looked amazing... a stunning building, set in beautiful grounds with a simply stunning interior. This promised to be a very amazing evening.
Stunning venue
The evening began at 7:30pm with everyone meeting in the bar area, socialising, meeting new friends and admiring the stunning surroundings, there were photographs taken by a lovely photographer for Carlisle Living magazine and lots of photograph opportunities for the wonderful guests at this event.
The Walls with Peter Jinks
Noah wearing Steeds Tailors Outfit
There were many internet based companies involved in decorating this amazing venue, all of which everyone who attended is truly grateful for - you all helped the venue to look fantastic and your assistance and wonderful skills are truly appreciated.
The very elegant chair covers were donated by the lovely Mayor & Mayoress of Copeland:
Mayor and Mayoress of Copeland
chair covers
Noah balloons
place settings
beautiful cake
During the evening we had fantastic musical entertainment from the extremely talented Brian James and the superb tribute band Them Beatles - both acts were brilliant and incredibly enjoyable, it was a pleasure to listen to their singing.
Brian James
Them Beatles
Part way through the evening, Noah's mummy Shelly took to the mic to give a speech explaining all about the heartache they have been through as a family, the daily struggles they face with Noah's medical conditions and the joy their beautiful son brings to their lives... this was a very touching and emotional speech with left many of the evenings guests rather teary eyed (myself included). This was followed by Rob (Noah's daddy) talking of his love and adoration of Shelly and his family and the presentation to Shelly of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.
Shelly's Amazing Speech
Special Moments
For this evening's event there was a stunning and delicious cake made and decorated with the Hugs For Noah logo.
Cutting the cake
The evening was fantastic and there are many photographs to support this which we are so happy to share with you:
Them Beatles with Noah
Brian James Sings
Bill the Mayor
Fab times
Them Beatles sing
Proud Mum
Still going at 3am ! amazing staff that armathwaite should be really proud of indeed.  Gill Colin & Simon are a real credit to armathwaite hall and always put 110% into everything there support has been incredible thank you from the bottom of our hearts x
Noahs arch1
Noahs Arch2
Supporting #HugsForNoah
Laura Gordon and Shelly
Laura and Gordon
For his first #HugsForNoah Gala Dinner, Noah was dressed like a little star... the label of his waistcoat even had his name and the date - it was beautiful but by midway through the evening we had tired this little superstar out and he was fast asleep in his gorgeous Silver Cross pram... even asleep he is the most gorgeous little boy!!
Steed Saville Row twitter @Steedtailors
Everyone had an amazing night with delicious food, wonderful venue decoration, spectacular entertainment and the support of lots of wonderful people!!

Caramel Cheesecake
We had raffle "guess the teddy's name & teddy's date of birth" - a surprise last minute donation of a fully signed England cricket bat was the only thing Auctioned off on the night, however we still have the ebay auction still going just type in #HugsForNoah
Stevie the dug
I would definitely say that everyone including baby Noah enjoyed their night... Noah definitely slept well!!
Sleepy Noah
Hugs For Noah
Hugs For Noah website
Armathwaite Hall
Follow on Twitter
Huge thank you to everyone who Donated to make this event the amazing success that it was!! Here's to the next one
Lots of love
Sir Lord and Lady Cropper - thank you for the gifts you have donated which will be added to Noah's #HugsForNoah ebay auction very soon
@BeverleyKnight HUGE thank you to Beverley for doing this amazing promotional film your so kind darling I hope you can make the next Gala as we would love you to be there cant thank you enough darling.
@RalfLittle really lovely to meet you Ralf, I hope we meet again amazing film of you both & cant thank you enough sweetheart
@BeingBoycie Huge thank you to John not just for his amazing signed donations but always there to help & now we will get to thank John in person too, hes looking forward to having hugs with noah bless, cant wait to see you and say thank you John you've been amazing. @DottieDesigns made a beautiful photo album all boxed black and white a real treasure for noahs memories made that night thank you darling its gorgeous
@fragrance_shop these girls in the lanes carlisle are just really lovely friends of ours and we always pop by to say hello.
@LushLtd huge thank you as Lush donated a very large bag of soaps for our ladies & gents goodie bags everyone loved them thank you so much !
@TheBodyshopuk samples of shower gels, fruit scented creams, gents hair & body just brilliant & lovely to chat to you girls thank you for your kind words Body Shop Carlisle. will bring noah in to meet you x
@WelshRoyalCryst 2 gorgeous Crystal candle sticks
@wicklesskaz scented bear & since we've bought one for noah an elephant as they where SO gorgeous !
@heartshomespun Elaine who donated a bath & soap hamper
@Raggedyhomespun who donated a beautiful handmade rabbit
@TheThreeBelles who donated a signed CD
@Rayeesasindiank who donated a £220 cooking voucher
@pingandponguk Amy who donated a selection of children's books
@inspiredKarma who donated a gorgeous ring and bracelet
@TheClockShed who donateed a beautiful clock
@meganclaireuk who donated amazing nursery stickers
The Kildare Bistro in Wigton cumbria for donating a meal for 2 people.
Michael Kings Jewellers in Wigton for the £100 Silver necklace
@ecotoystore for donating a childrens shelving & also a section of toys to be put onto noahs website, with every sale a donation will be donated to Hugs For Noah cant thank you enough, one day we will meet & noah can have cuddles with you darling x
Lakeland Spas and log cabins for donating a Spa which is still up for grabs on our auction site ( & type in #HugsForNoah) huge thank you for your support & having cuddles with noah too
Cumbrias Candelabra's
@nikimcglynn Huge donation from Niki of organic balms we've used these since noah was born for massaging also girls use it for lipbalm, sunburn, dry skin, its amazing Noah will now have this balm with his Hugs For Noah logo very soon, & be selling them on this website shop amazing support sweetheart cant thank you enough.
@peggycollection Diana a lovely friend donated a designer chunky knitted scarf made by herself 
         @RoobubCustard Shelley donated a Huge knitted monkey thank you so much,
 Shelley & I have met & now a selection of toys will be on noahs site & with every sale a donation will be made to Hugs For Noah amazing cant thank you enough
         @ItSpeaksToMe thank you for your huge donation of cards for the goodie bags
         @comfortzoneuk large pamper box of goodies
@wise_wendy scented body butter
@WordsworthNT donated to family day passes
@Albutcherdesign beautiful sewing book
@sorellahexham who donated a gift voucher
@derwentpencils donated set of watercolour pencils
@bombki1 Large amount of designer of amazing baubles (supplied our wedding with favours which where amazing)
@RedLetterDaysUK £100 voucher
@MakeScentsLtd a wonderful HUGE donation scented bath salts everyones bath water turned a funny colour on the saturday morning ! Jamie's did I saw her picture on twitter amazing thank you so much darling.
@dukeofbeeston who donated a signed Call The Midwife script
@thebedsite who donated a gorgeous dinosaur bed for Noah's auction all the way from Ireland
@boothpix who provided a fabulous photo booth to allow guests to create wonderful memories
@RoryStewartUK a beautitful signed book and an invitation to Westminster totally amazing
@IWantAPoem amazing friend Amy wrote this just for noah ! this was on the booklets on each table everyone loved it and said what a lovely touch it was & great help too.
@JustBeBotanical a huge hamper of body products
Peter Barlow for two vouchers both £100 each for a photoshoot amazing
@GeorgeJCooke donated an afternoon talk, tea & cake for two people lovely day out
@ThemBeatles donated a t-shirt and CD
Emily parsons @EmilyJParsons and James Johnson @james_ejohnson journalists at the News And Star
Steve Greaves @Steven_Greaves Producer at
John Cook Signs Carlisle amazing friend of ours and been SO helpful to us as a family.
Marion, Manager at Print Point Carlisle who donated Noah's business cards, table booklet covers (which were amazing) and of course SPEECH BUBBLES YAY!!!!! even the major joined in
Tim Johnson, Director at Westmoreland Packaging, Kendal who donated gift bags/logo stickers & serviette's
Jane Lindsey @snapdragonjane Loch Lomond, Scotland who donated ladies goody bag gifts & all sewn with Hugs for Noah on the pouch that held the mirrors just beautiful, Lady Cropper who herself loves to sew just loved it jane, they are such a wonderful keepsake of noahs first gala thank you darling very much ! xxxx
Clare @clarescake Kent who donated favour biscuits which we filmed noah eating one ! delish
Marie & Frazer @judibakes Maryport who donated Noah's beautiful gala cake
Sharon donated charms & tie pins favours @angelonshoulder
Table decorations & chair covers by Mayor & Mayoress of Copeland the room looked stunning a huge thank you
Stuart @IamWingman who donated gifts for gents goody bags
Edwin & Matthew @SteedTailors designed & hand made Noah's bespoke outfit for the Gala Dinner
The Memory Knot Company @TheMemoryKnotCo Jaimie & Andrew who donated the balloon display
Andrew at Listers baby shop in Workington who donated £60 vouchers for the auction, arranged vintage style pram for Noah to sit in and have pictures taken for the night
Silver Cross @Silvercross_UK who donated the amazing vintage pink dolls pram for auction
@AlisonSharpe1 from Tesco's, Workington who donated the food hamper & fruit hamper for raffle
Celebrations of Bank Street, Carlisle who donated a gorgeous teddy for the "name the bear" competition
Karen & Barrie from @BFGraphics who donated the huge teddy for the "guess teddy's birthday" competition, karen & Barrie worked so hard I need to tell you in a blog post of there own !
Laura & Gordon @Eljay1980
@AllyAtkins for your donation of beautiful saucer crackers... they were so cute and pretty
please use the hash tag #HugsForNoah and if your wanting to be included in the next one please let me know with either #CountMeIn2014 on twitter or the old fashioned way or you can speak to me 07939583848
Love Noah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Your support has been amazing & thank you from the bottom of our hearts