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Whilst I remember I am having a giveaway on twitter when I reach 500 followers.
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Above is one of my Bespoke order charm bracelets, this was done with bi-plane charms and pink beads as well as a Spitfire plane charm for the customer. she loved planes, can you tell?
These can be done based on any theme and any colour just email for queries
Here are a few things not many people know about CornDollyCrafts™
1.       The business started out as ‘CornDollyCards™’
2.       I started off making various cards and paper crafts hence the name
3.       The ‘CornDolly’ part of the name came from my love of sweetcorn! Corny I know....
4.       2011 was the year I discovered Jewellery making and this has been the primary focus ever since, This also came with a name change ‘CornDollyCrafts™’
5.       And finally...For every bespoke order I receive, the buyer will automatically get a free gift! E.G. Order 3 bespoke items... Get 3 FREE Gifts visit my shop and have a look :D comments appreciated!
Bespoke orders please email
Fresh Water Pearls
I also do wedding jewellery E.G. Pearl stringing etc... If you’re after anything special just drop me an email and I’ll reply as soon as I can.
These can be done in a large amount of colours of Genuine Fresh Water Pearls
Hand Tied Pearl Bracelets With
Silver Plated Clasp: £10
Antique Gold Clasp: £10
Sterling Silver Clasp £25
White Gold Clasp: £40
9ct Yellow Gold Clasp: £55
Hand Tied Pearl Necklaces With
Silver Plated Clasp: £20
Antique Gold Clasp: £20
Sterling Silver Clasp £35
White Gold Clasp: £40
9ct Yellow Gold Clasp: £60
Any Questions please ask :D


Queen's Diamond Jubilee Earrings!

I have decided to make these earrings to commemorate the 60 years Queen Elizabeth 2nd has been on the throne.
I am currently making matching bracelets too!! which will be listed by the end of the week in my folksy shop

Here’s something especially for the viewers of this blog visit and if there’s anything you like quote ‘Free-Gift01’ in the note to seller when you buy the item and you’ll receive a FREE mystery gift!
I am constantly updating my folksy shop and would love to hear what everyone thinks of it, and of course the items in the shop too!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy looking in my shop

CornDolly xx