Monday, 27 February 2012

Theo Paphitis invites Shellybobbins to Edgbaston Stadium #SBS reunion 30th March 2012

HOW AMAZING a Small Business Sunday reunion !!! YES you've read that right the 30th of March 2012,

last night Theo tweeted that the #sbs reunion would take place in BBirmingham at the Edgbaston Stadium between 12noon & 4pm that day !!!

Not only do I get to meet the lovely Theo Paphitis (Shelly is Theo's no 1 fan) but I also get to meet Theo's PR lady, the lovely Tina too !! I don't know how many 100's of #sbs winners will be going but to be able to meet people Ive managed to help over twitter will be AMAZING too, Ive made so many friends with entering Theo's Small Business Sunday competition & really cant believe I'll get to meet them !!! I'm SOooooo Excited.

SO looking forward to this day and as you can see from my Theo tweets a promise of a nip of the very famous drink with Theo will just top the day off nicely "Nip Of Brandy" !

I cant wait to see you ALL !!!!

love Shellybobbins xxxxx

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  1. Have a great time - I only wish I was able to join you as a #sbs winner... maybe I'll be like Charlie (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and sneak in with one of the very last tickets won just in time :-)