Thursday, 27 January 2011

Shellybobbins - Afghan Heroes Charity, Mothers Day Charity Bike Ride

Hi Folks, well the time has finally come!

Afghan Heroes are pleased to announce that we are currently involved in the planning of the official Afghan Heroes 2011 Wootton Bassett Mother's Day Ride (name tbc).

Last time the ride raised over £110,000 to help our troops and their loved ones - Following the staggering success of this year we are determined to make next year's event even better.
Just like last year, a large number of people and organisations are coming together to make this happen, Julia and Gordy (and their team), Whiltshire Police, the MOD, Wootton Bassett local authority, the Highways Agency, Unity Riders, our coordinators and staff as well as many others.

VERY IMPORTANT - This Facebook event page is NOT the registration page, by all means you can register an interest here but you MUST REGISTER via our website in order to book your place on the ride. As with last year, places will be limited, so registrations will be on a first come first served basis.

Mother's Day 2011 Wootton Bassett, Ride of Respect - Registrations Open -

What an amazing event

If you wish to donate heres the link !!

With Love Shellybobbins xxx

Shellybobbins Invites The Highwaymen to the 'Spotlight' Britains Got Talent Show !

‘The Highwaymen are a new dynamic Drum Corps who are making an impact with contemporary style wherever they perform. The group consists of a Bassline and a Snareline and is made up of professional drummers, aged between 19 and 37, who are regarded as the best in their field of traditional military drumming. The more contemporary group can perform with just the Snareline or for a bigger impact the Bassline can be added to give the performance more depth. The Highwaymen’s set consists of a multi tuned Bassline with the Snareline stick juggling, backsticking & stick throwing while performing some outrageous manoeuvres.’

These guys are amazing and really need our support when the shows aired in April they also have a facebook page too

Shellybobbins will be supporting the Highwaymen so why don't you do too

With Love Shellybobbins xxx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shellybobbins invites Cheryl From Dazzlebox to the 'Spotlight'

Hi, I am Cheryl, 47 year old mum of 3 grown sons and 2 adorable grandsons, plus two of the cutest cats ever, I am a big fan of crafting and started making jewellery last year after I quit my singing job after 15 years on stage, since then it's been pretty successful, recently I started sewing because I got a nice lovely sewing machine for my birthday, so I decided to make garters and other things, the garters turned out pretty good considering I had never made them before, I also make scented candles and other craft items such as baby gift baskets, I am in the process of making some valentines hampers right now, if I can make things, I will sit all day and do just that, I have my own 2 online shops, one of which is and one day I would love to run my own craft supplies shop, it's always been a dream of mine, but for now I am very happy with what I do, I get alot of lovely feedback from people who buy my goods which is good for my confidence. even my cats love my things because they can bat my beads all over my room, I hope to continue with my crafting because it's the most relaxing thing that I have ever done, do have 2 pages with face book, one is shelly roberts and the other one is dazzleboxx, I am also with twitter under the name of dazzleboxx, why not come and join me, everyone is welcome
Thank you Cheryl so nice of you to tell us about yourself & your lovely family and fantastic business
With love Shellybobbins xxx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shellybobbins & Wootton Bassett & Carlisle Air Cadets

 Last night was fantastic at the sandcenter carlisle my girls and these lovely Air Cadets got pick to go along and see Her Majesty's Royal Marines - Amazing !! So nice when young people have really good fun ! and of course help to which they did chatting to everyone smiling and I must say looking really smart too. Last night it was announced that the Wootton Bassett CD had just been released so I bought 10 !

The show was fantastic & there again in December !

My lovelys x

You will agree its so important to raise as much money as possible ! Ive bought 10 but will be keeping one for myself, if you do want one then please let me know how much your willing to give as these will go to the highest bidder ! and then money will be sent to and pictures & receipt will be posted on here to let everyone know just how much has been raised
thanks for reading this and showing support

With Love Shellybobbins

Shellybobbins Invites Lovely Sarah from to this weeks 'Spotlight'

Hiya, my name is Sarah and my company is called Hemisphere Handcrafted Jewellery which is available to buy on my website I started Hemisphere Handcrafted Jewellery when I got made redundant in 2010 and I love every minute of it. I love consulting with bride to be’s on their hopes and wishes for their wedding and creating something unique for them by finding out what their likes and dislikes are and then coming up with suggestions for them that fit in with their visions.
I love everything about weddings and being an old fashioned girl at heart I love this year’s vintage trend. At times I think I can get more excited than the bride to be when they are telling me about their colour schemes and little special touches they are having at their weddings. At tiny-gems we are able to provide anything for your wedding including tiaras and headbands, jewellery for the bridal party, presents for loved ones to keep and treasure and remind them of their special day, even quirky cufflinks for grooms and groomsmen.
Our prices are very affordable as we understand how everyone has a budget to stick to.

We have recently added an heirloom bouquet range to our services on offer each one being unique to you and they are proving very popular as they give you something gorgeous to keep forever and even pass down through your family. A lovely touch to these bouquets is to ask your relatives and friends for a brooch to be included in your bouquet. Prices for the Heirloom Bouquets are on request based on your requirements.

There are pictures available of Penny – Heirloom bouquet on our facebook page pop along and have a look and give us your thoughts.
You can visit us at you can follow us on Twitter at you can visit our page on facebook at or contact us for more details on any of our

 Thank you Sarah for being in the Spotlight this week really loved reading your story ! Im so glad we met & great to speak to you too lovely to make new friends xx

With love Shellybobbins xxx

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shellybobbins Makes Valentines Cards 14th Febuary 2011 - On sale now on -

All Handmade By Shellybobbins

I loved making this and before setting up shellybobbins I made a large card for my sister in April 2009 each diamonte ive put on one by one, yes it did take for ever to do but sisters are worth it. I really wish I could show you the envlope that went with this but has her address on it, Ive used diamontes again & felt the card wrapped in pink tissue too - she loved it x

This bags lovely for valentines, but can also be made personal too, childs name, special message, it can also be in different colours, I also make cushions with penguins, owls on etc, these can also be put onto my bags.

This wedding cushion can be also used for valentines with a special date on or "will you marry me" a private message you would like.

This card is lovely in pink, this just doesnt have to be used at valentines, you can send this card anytime of the year. I can personalise at no extra cost

Mothers Day Card lovely pale pink this can also be used a valentines card, birthday card, new born, thinking of you, congrats, well done, miss you, so in love with you, will you marry me, wedding invite, sorry your leaving, Ive missed you,

If theres anything I can help with & make just leave me comment xx

With Love Shellybobbins xxx

Friday, 14 January 2011

Shellybobbins Invites Chicunique to the spotlight this week

Hi, my names Lizzie, I'm a full time mum to 3 wonderful girls and long 'suffering' wife to Simon!
I set up Chic Unique just 7 months ago when my lovely hubby was made redundant from his job, in the hope I could made a little money from a hobby i thoroughly enjoyed.
I take inspiration from my love of all things vintage, quirky, fun and of course PRETTY!
Being a  full time mum and 'trying' to set up a small business has been hard work at times, and Simon often jokes I work harder than he does, but I have dreams and aspirations and if I can achieve those through doing something I enjoy I intend to work that much harder than everyone else to get it.
I enjoy many crafts, I also studied fashion design as college at 16, and try to incorporate many different styles and mediums into my jewellery to try to make it that little bit different from everyone elses.
I'm constantly dreaming up new ideas and find inspiration from everyday life around the home and my beautiful girls, I often let them help out in the early design stages for my jewellery, they enjoy it and I get some extra pairs of eyes!
chic unique is featured on many websites currently, and of course

Lizzie sent me a wonderful gift as a thank you, I was able to choose my colour of beads & even charms, It arrived in a red box all wrapped up, I just couldn't wait to open it - abit like Christmas !! just full of excitement,


I really couldn't wait to wear it ! Ive had it on all day & shown everyone what a wonderful thank you gift, really special from a lovely friend Ive met through twitter

Big thank you Lizzie for telling us abit about your fantastic family & showing everyone just how talented you really are I will treasure this forever x

Love Shellybobbins xxx