Thursday, 27 January 2011

Shellybobbins Invites The Highwaymen to the 'Spotlight' Britains Got Talent Show !

‘The Highwaymen are a new dynamic Drum Corps who are making an impact with contemporary style wherever they perform. The group consists of a Bassline and a Snareline and is made up of professional drummers, aged between 19 and 37, who are regarded as the best in their field of traditional military drumming. The more contemporary group can perform with just the Snareline or for a bigger impact the Bassline can be added to give the performance more depth. The Highwaymen’s set consists of a multi tuned Bassline with the Snareline stick juggling, backsticking & stick throwing while performing some outrageous manoeuvres.’

These guys are amazing and really need our support when the shows aired in April they also have a facebook page too

Shellybobbins will be supporting the Highwaymen so why don't you do too

With Love Shellybobbins xxx

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