Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shellybobbins Makes Valentines Cards 14th Febuary 2011 - On sale now on -

All Handmade By Shellybobbins

I loved making this and before setting up shellybobbins I made a large card for my sister in April 2009 each diamonte ive put on one by one, yes it did take for ever to do but sisters are worth it. I really wish I could show you the envlope that went with this but has her address on it, Ive used diamontes again & felt the card wrapped in pink tissue too - she loved it x

This bags lovely for valentines, but can also be made personal too, childs name, special message, it can also be in different colours, I also make cushions with penguins, owls on etc, these can also be put onto my bags.

This wedding cushion can be also used for valentines with a special date on or "will you marry me" a private message you would like.

This card is lovely in pink, this just doesnt have to be used at valentines, you can send this card anytime of the year. I can personalise at no extra cost

Mothers Day Card lovely pale pink this can also be used a valentines card, birthday card, new born, thinking of you, congrats, well done, miss you, so in love with you, will you marry me, wedding invite, sorry your leaving, Ive missed you,

If theres anything I can help with & make just leave me comment xx

With Love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. Beautiful items - those felt envelopes are really cool! x

  2. Just Beautiful xxx