Bio & Childhood

Hi im michelle

Im a mother of 2 girls, wife to my wonderful husband rob, love being with my family and really enjoy sharing everyday. We are always busy, we live in a 1730's georgian house which we are renovating & moved here in 2008, life has never been the same since. We grow our own veg, buy old furniture and paint it to make nice pretty things to fill our home with, we make do and mend, recycle wood, sew, craft, bake cakes & bread, paint anything that looks shabby, love charity shops, anything vintage, love antiques road show, anything pink, giving gifts, making people happy, always being positive & family get togethers !

Long term goals - would have to be writing childrens books & my autobiography
short term goals - to have my own business making ragdolls
my favourite places - would have to be my home with my family having a good chat & laughing our socks off till our ribs hurt and we had tears running down our faces live life to the full & always treat people as you wish to be treated yourself x

other websites im on under features I do crafting for children, so look out for shellybobbins on their too x


I wanted to write abit about Shellybobbins AKA michelle but as a child got called shellybobs hence where my business name has come from, at the age of 2 I was diagnoised with *Stills Diease* a rare form of Arthritis, my operations have been on and off since the age of 2 & half, having this diasese its never stopped me from achieving anything ive set my mind too, determination, drive,ambition,self belief these are all qualities that i posess and which help me to succeed in life.

after falling and my knee swelled up it became almost bent in half and wouldnt straighten, to make it worse doctors didnt know what I had.  The doctors and a professor decided to stiffen and straigten it untill later on in life when more research had been done with the disease, as walking was very difficult and also was begining to effect my hip & also my back. An operation to stiffen my leg was agreed, they had tried alot of other ways to sort out the bend, one way the hospital used was traction & weighted down with sandbags across my tummy to stop me sliding down the bed.

Well as you can imagain, I made friends with everyone, on the ward you could smell me first ! the staff where amazing, use to prend play and draw scars on the nurses hands, mix talc and perfume to make a paste & make it better how they laughed ! it was ok until id use a perfume that had gone off lol.

Always ready to get stuck in and never afraid of getting my hands dirty !
Pud Pies are my speciality.
You will be pleased to know I dont cook with mud anymore.


My first medal achieved was for ballet I also did tap dancing to I was 5 at the time.
This gave me the bug to dance, from there I got awarded 22 medals for all kinds of dancing jive, cha cha cha, modern ballroom & disco
I loved going to the awards ceremony and watching how the professionals danced, this is what motivated me so much
Shelly with the professionals and my dance teacher.

setting goals in life, makes you feel fantastic when you achieve them

love shellybobbins xxx