Thursday, 23 June 2011

©Shellybobbins™ Donating to

Yesterday was such a lovely day I sent a tweet out again asking if anyone knew where we could donate MiniBobbins (daughter) Hair, my friend Ann 3 years ago took Mini's hair & unfortunately was at that time not long enough to donate, real hair is in such demand min lengh now is 6 inches so if anyone's thinking of having there haircut then please think twice & donate it, there are so many awful diseases about, lots of brave little boys & girls without hair, I think if I'm honest you do just take it for granted, I remember my Nana's hair falling out she would wake up in the morning & it would be all over the pillow, Nana didn't go totally bald but loosing clumps of hair was bad enough.  My eldest daughter was 2 and half when Nana died & named Nana -  "Nana Boo Boo's"  as Nana was always in her bed bless
This is me with my Nana she had the most amazing long thick black hair, when ever I stayed over at Nana's my hair was brushed at least 50 times before bed, Nana would use an Avon leave in conditioner & left to dry naturally, always taught to look after it. 

I had Long locks of hair

MiniBobbins has really long hair - not for long as it will be going to an amazing charity called Gail Porter is the Ambassador for Little princess Trust.

Please click on here and help us raise awareness & money for this amazing cause

As Soon as we have reached our target of £1000 MiniBobbins will have her haircut and then we can donate Mini's Hair, Money goes direct to them via this link above, please click & donate thank you  

My Girls are my Princesses they love to help
 Doesn't take much to help min 6inches of hair
                                      Thank you for taking the time to pop over I really appreciate it
                                                            Love  ©Shellybobbins™ xxxxxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

©Shellybobbins™ 'Heart Of The Month' Competition Its Time To Nominate Please

Hello Welcome to heart of the month this competition will run every month for a whole year, what I'd like you to do is very simple 'Just write a comment' and 'Nominate'
Nominate someone you think deserves shellys heart of the month, maybe your sister, your mum, It could even be someone you've never even met but get to know either through twitter or facebook,

Its nice to be nice, smile at someone, or simple just send them a message knowing you care, life is really too short, so take just a couple of mins to nominate someone - make them smile xx

A winner will be chosen at random on the 22nd June 2011 at 8pm I will announce the winner on here, facebook & twitter too - I will then need there name and address to send there heart & certificate out in the post by recorded delivery

Its so nice just to give, doesnt matter how much it costs, how big it is, where its from, designer or not, handmade or bought. Making someone smile and feel special ~ cant get any better than that xx

This will be your gift Its been handmade & embroidered too, the certificates lovely with nominated by .... so don't forget if your the winner to include your name too. then ....a space for the nominees name & also signed shellybobbins

Its a lovely gift, its rolled up & sent in a tube
PS. please no nominating yourself x

With Love Shellybobbins xxx

Ive been asked if people can nominate loved ones who have passed away the answer is yes, I would get the certificate laminated xx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pictures of May's 'Heart Of The Month' ~~~~~WINNER !! By ©Shellybobbins™

                                                            Mr & Mrs Coleman

Just opened an email this morning & received this beautiful picture of Teri's mum & dad ~ I love doing this competition everymonth everyone gets a chance to nominate someone for Heart Of The Month lovely Teri nominated her mum & dad, I also got told it was there wedding anniversary too of 47 years so shelly send and extra card to wish Mr & Mrs Coleman 'Congratulations' and all the very best

                                Heart of the Month certificate with lots of other anniversary cards

Awwww I love this competition thank you so much for sending these pictures, my love to your lovely mum & dad teri xxxx

Love ©Shellybobbins™ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you would like to enter this lovely competition the next 'Heart Of The Month' will start on wednesday 15th June so start now thinking about who you would like to win & why xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Competition ~ By ©Shellybobbins™

 There's alot goes on behind the scenes here at Bobbins I.H.Q. Im a real girly girl & from a very young age loved anything to do with make-up, perfume, fancy soaps, body lotions, I was in my elements !!! 

So my next step to put into place is to launch my own Certified Organic Lip Balms In gorgeous fruity flavours I love Lip Balms Do You ..............................

Competition Time 

All you have to do Is Guess What Flavour It Is & tell me why you love Lip Balms SO MUCH 

Random Winner Chosen from Comments left on my blog Winner will be posted out a handmade heart to represent your LOVE OF LIP BALMS 

I Look Forward to reading your comments 
Competion ends on 15th June (Wednesday) 
(Heart Of the Month Will Follow This Competition And Start On Wednesday) 

I Love Lip Balms because of there .............Smell,  Package, Colour, Flavour, Price 

Will You Be Buying One Of ©Shellybobbins™  Lip Balms ?

Love ©Shellybobbins™    xxx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Plasticine Peg Dolls ~ ©Shellybobbins™

Just seen this on facebook and had to share it as it reminds me of many an hour watching my sister sat with both of my daughters making plasticine peg people 4 years ago !!!!

pictures are not brilliant as Ive taken them on a phone camera

great to make things into characters could be anything from a peg to a washing up bottle ! I had peg dollies as a child & also the small wooden mops used for washing up, pretend play was brilliant !!

although the pictures dark you can see that this peg dolls got a very posh frock on hahahah hahah

You don't have to use plasticine you could use any old bits of cloth you have duster,salt dough or even newspaper, would be great to do at a little girls party then get an adult to glue a brooch pin on the back ! great for Christmas too as lovely gift for the tree.

Hope you like reading this :0)

Love ©Shellybobbins™

Thursday, 9 June 2011

©Shellybobbins™ ~ Designs PawBobbins™

I never imagined in a million years that I could have an idea in my head for so long, then actually draw it make a pattern, sew it altogether !!! well I did Tuesday was a cracking day, I just thought id share it with you as lots of you have been following my story for quite afew months now, so I just wanted to update you.

My funding came through for my copyrights so this week everything has been submitted and sent off which is amazing for me personally as I never thought this day would come, its so great to look back and see what you have achieved even over just a few months, I like everything done yesterday & pet hate is waiting (giggles) Ive had to learn to be patient.

                          ©Shellybobbins ™    
                                                   All Rights Reserved 2011 

This will be the finished logo and will be printed on everything and when the paperwork comes back once everything gone through the C will then change to an R ~ Seems alot to do for such a small thing, but its so important as a business to have this and get into the correct classes that you intend to make / sell for your business ~ also shows you MEAN BUSINESS and not just an idea that you might or might not do.

Hence why I'm always happy its a great achievement ~ great coming from a very long line of family businesses too. 

Thank you for your continued support with comments on my blog, twitter and facebook page I love reading your comments xxx

Love ©Shellybobbins™ xxx