Saturday, 25 August 2012

BBC radio Cumbria, Charity haircut & GCSE results & a tweet from Theo Paphitis

BBC radio Cumbria, Charity haircut & GCSE results & a tweet from Theo Paphitis
Last thursday both girls went on BBC Radio Cumbria on the Mike Zeller show to talk about cutting there hair for the Little Princess Trust which will take place at Tom Boyd hairdressers in Carlisle on the 30th August at 10.30am BBC Radio Cumbria will also be there to broadcast the event !If you would like to donate then please click the link every penny counts !

Although the girls where nervous I think they did really well ! also that morning ally got her mock GCSE results these are not her final results as ally gets those next year but the marks do count towards, Ally was brave enough to open them live on air ally thoughout the year has been studing very hard even though shes had to deal with being bullied & also having to deal with thoughts & ideas for her then unborn little brother ! I am very pleased to say that Noah was born very disabled but very alive on the 6th March 2012.

When ally opened her results I could tell listening to the radio that she wasnt happy & coming out of the studio looked at me and burst into tears I am VERY PROUD of my daughters and I personally think that allys amazing so when Theo Paphitis tweeted this morning I had to tell theo
I text ally and told her that Theo had sent a message ! this was her reply
Ally would like to say thank you to Theo Ive just taken this picture shes in her cadets uniform as the Air Cadets have been to an event this morning where by they serve the Mayor Of Carlisle his breakfast
"Made My Day Theo"
Thank you
love Ally xxxx
I cant wait to blog & show you pictures before & after
The BIG chop 30th August next Thursday
love shellybobbins xxxx

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