Monday, 26 December 2011

15th December Babybobbins has MRI scan & results from the 20th December

Our Christmas news after having the MRI scan at Newcastle RVI wasn't good, I had the scan on the 15th December & we had already been given the 20th December to go back for results and another ultra sound scan, so last week Christmas shopping scans, wrapping gifts, food shopping all had to be done and of course keeping positive too !

   What is an MRI scan ~~~~>

On the 20th December we where given our results and baby also has "Porencephalic" cyst/tumour and on the scan was a black area at the 1/4 back left hand side of baby's brain we found out that this is missing and will not grow back, we now have to deal with the fact of baby being mentally disabled too on top of the Spina Bifida & possible downs & possible 2 Chromosomes, We have also been told that the lesion on baby's back (spina bifida) is very large & if it cant be closed up baby has 10% survival rate due to it getting infected.

Sounds horrendous doesn't it ! never in a millions years did I ever think this was going to happen, Ive been given determination, positivity & strengh this is how I can manage to get on with it we have been given this opportunity to be pregnant and to love & care for our baby no matter what happens in 2012 but deap down I know in my heart of hearts baby will come home !

I'm now enjoying being pregnant and feeling baby move about, its so amazing hubby & girls to sit with there hands on my tummy & talk to baby and then watch baby respond with movements its incredible.

This 3D scan was taken on the 20th December I wanted to share it with you, babybobbins seems to be camera shy and only see one part of baby's face ! babybobbins likes sucking his/her thumb !

Alot of people have been sending such amazing comments & support over twitter, facebook, emails, text messages, even sending cards of support & letters this has kept us so positive, thank you so very much for all you do, doesn't matter how small, knowing your there and supporting us with your words, prayers lighting candles or just asking how we are, this really means the world to us xxx

With Love Bobbins Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx more information on this condition can be found by clicking on this link more information on spina bifida can be found by clicking this link

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Babybobbins now needs MRI scan

We had a very busy day yesterday at the RVI hospital Newcastle, going back in 2 weeks to have MRI scan on baby amazing what they can do while your pregnant.

Specialist now doesn't know about babys head fluid, as brain tissue forming normally, so now will be seeing a professor & talking to him about MRI scan results.

Also hospital have had to check my knee & elbow replacements & what they contain lucky it's titanium and not steel which if it was steel would cause a magnet & machine would rip them out (good job I mentioned I had replacements) !!!!!! Lol arm less & leg less lol !!!!

Also had a chat with the anesthetist about me being allergic to anesthetic, I asked while we where there about any research progects going on too, so now on one of those, anything to help is always good xxx

PS baby looked so gorgeous & wriggled for camera too ;0)) xxxx

Love Shellybobbins xxxx

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Our gorgeous baby has Spina Bifida & risk of trisomy13, downs syndrome, edwards syndrome.

Ive been wanting to blog for ages, but when you read this you'll know why I haven't ................................

Being just 40 in September meant I'm at high risk of having a baby with downs, we decided not to have the test as it could cause miscarriage and its nearly a year since that happened, So both hubby & I said no, its not something we wanted to go through ever again. The hospital said we can send you to the RVI at Newcastle to check baby's heart & make sure everythings ok just by a scan, so at 16 weeks we agreed and saw a really lovely heart specialist ----- you'll be pleased to know babybobbins heart is fabulous, PHEW ! and completely relaxed such a weight of our minds & so happy baby's heart is ok, we even asked them do you need to see us again ?? NOOOOoooo just carry on with your scans as normal at Whitehaven hospital we are happy not to see you again as everything looks fine.

(researched all about downs so felt happy knowing we had looked into everything)

The morning of our 20 weeks scan bit of rush, but hubby amazing as ever & even had our little snack bag organised too plus my water bottle !! off we go laughing & joking as we do, thinking of names !! we where really excited as 20 weeks scan you can also find out the sex of baby too !!

Into the scan room all smiles & a lovely lady that was very chatty & then suddenly stopped being chatty, my stomach just turned I held hubby's hand really tight, we knew something was seriously wrong, I kept calm and asked what was wrong, she said I need to get a second person to have alook, everything looked ok baby was kicking & moving about I could see the heart beat !! then she said its serious and baby has SPINA BIFIDA, we need you to wait and see a doctor now, I just burst into tears, what the hell was spina bifida !! all I could think about was I not research it I knew it had something to do with the spina but that's it ! Hubby face tears and held me to tight.

We waited to see the doctor, he explained what spina bifida was and said we have to see a specialist now back at the RVI to see how serious it is, I did ask for a leaflet which had websites on so we could google when we got back, the doctor said if you google about it you will scare yourselves ! (nice) they rang the RVI while we waited and managed to get us seen within a couple of days I just wanted to go there and then !! 11/11/11 at 11O'clock wont forget that date in a hurry.

Telling our girls was heart breaking we had lots of questions so decided to make a list of everything we could think of, In the couple of days we had to wait hubby took the time off work, all we could do was support each other & our girls this was & still is the only thing that matters, we had afew of people, family, friends asking horrendous questions & saying the most stupid things

Maybe a miscarriage would be a god send ??
How will you cope if you need another knee, elbow, etc ??
How will you lift baby when its older ??
What quality of will it have ??
Have you thought this through ??
Your disabled how will you manage ??

And then our daughter comes home from school and says shes googled spina bifida today and seen a baby with half a head, we are doing all about "Can you play god" in religious studies or do you terminate a disabled baby.  This was far to much for her, didn't even know she was doing this either, we rang the school and put them in the picture --- they have been amazing & very supporting too !!

11/11/11 at the RVI at 11 O'clock well just after my 2mins. Our specialist chatted with us first before the scan we said we just need to know how serious this is, (also had a medical student with him & asked if it was OK, of course as everyone has to learn it is 1 in every 1000)

What we know :-
1. Baby has spina bifida 11th & 12 vertebrae & will need an operation soon after baby's born to close everything up due to infection, with it being high up baby will be paralysed from the chest down.
2. Baby may still have downs but having refused and testing due to risk of miscarriage we wont know until baby's born.
3. Baby also has fluid on the back of the brain & may have mild brain damage & also may have to have a shunt put in, this also could then lead to further brain damage if infection or complications happen.
4. Baby has also a 2% risk of having chromosome 18 Edward syndrome this is fatal.
5. Baby has also a 2% risk of having chromosome 13 Patau syndrome this is also fatal.

knowing what we know we will always try and stay very positive everyday & do everything we can as a family.

Love Bobbins Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shellybobbins has fabulous customers !

Amazing pictures to share with you, that make me smile every day, its fabulous when my lovely customers send in these ! I love to open my emails in the morning ! thank you so much for always supporting a small business xxxx

Love Shellybobbins

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shellybobbins now has a Blog Shop for Christmas

Hello just thought id let you know ive now got a blog shop you see the tab at the top of the page just click and this will take you to it,  I will be adding alot more with the run up to christmas, also please keep in mind that personalised gifts & mine are all handmade, do take alot longer to make, so if you would like something really special made for christmas then click on contacts and send me an email im always happy to help

Ho Ho Ho ;0)

Love Shellybobbins xxxx

Friday, 7 October 2011

Shellybobbins invites Theo Paphitis #SBS winner Lock-Loop to share his fabulous news !!

Just a short note reference the Small business Sunday #SBS that is run by Theo Paphitis I was taking note of what Theo has said over the past years of watching him on TV and my new product lock-Loop need to be out there in the public eyes, as it was all very well to have a great product just sitting on my shelf fro me to admire but wouldn’t earn me any money!!

I had decided to advertise the most cost effective way via social media and on the third week of trying I got Theo to RT my tweet and my world went mad.

This for some reason (I think many other people who have won this recognition for such a businessman) it gave me massive pride and a new belief in myself and my product.
Since then I have got the Lock-Loop on the Halfords web site and is due to go on the shelves at the end of September, I have had very serious discussions and visited a very large German lock manufacture (unfortunately couldn’t agree on terms) am in talks with people in USA, China, SouthAfrica New Zealand and many other countries.

As you can see I have been very busy and in fact to busy to write this Blog for one of my best supporters ©Shellybobbins™ that I have promised her for many a week.

Over 4 years ago I designed a product call the Cool Laptop Stand of which I have sold over 60,000 of them but at the start of its life there was no social media and I had to do it all the hard way going to see companies etc. I only said to my wife the other day that I recon we could have sold 60,000 in the first year if Twitter etc had been around then, so come on everybody if you have an idea just try it you never now unless you try.

So my thanks go out to Theo Paphitis, Shelly and all my followers (always looking for more check out my web site )

TODAY :- My friend murry from Lock-Loop has just tweeted this !!


VERY PROUD Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner !!!!

How fabulous to see your product on Halfords shelves !!! YIPHEE

I had to share you story today of all days & share your amazing news

thank you murry good luck in the future & thank you for being a guest on Shellybobbins blog

Love Shellybobbins xxx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Allsigns of Wigton Sponsoring Shellybobbins

The lovely steve at Allsigns in wigton cumbria will be very kindly sponsoring shellybobbins & making the bobbins car be seen where ever is goes with the Shellybobbins logo on it ! WOW how fabulous !!

So exciting !!

I think the pink logo will look cool on the grey !
Or will the whole car just be pink !
Who know's but steve !
We will all have to wait and see

Signs, Banners, Magnetics, Vehicle Graphics, Agricultural Machinery, Horse Boxes, A boards, Shop Fascias, Full/part Vehicle Wraps, Canvas Printing & Business Stationery

dont forget to say shelly sent you !

Love Shellybobbins xxx

Shellybobbins wins Tickets from CFM's Robbie Dee to see Buddy Hollie at the sandcentre carlisle

CFM our local Radio station in cumbria had a competition on this morning to win tickets to the musical Buddy Holly ~~~~~~ this bit Id missed
I just heard the piece which said send in your text messages if you have met a celebrity recently, Well I had Theo Paphitis, so I sent in a text message saying Id been through to Newcastle to see Theo & how lovely he was too very kind & caring also mentioned to Robbie Dee that Theo's creating jobs up & down the UK with the opening of many shops called Boux Avenue, I also mentioned I'm a small business Sunday winner too, I thanked Robbie Dee as He did say Shellybobbins you have WON tickets to go and see the Buddy Hollie the musical !!! I didn't even know just so lovely getting carried away having a chat with our local cumbria DJ

Ive told Robbie Dee I'll blog about going and send him the link & pictures that I take on the night

thanks Robbie Dee you lovely man !!

Love Shellybobbins xx

Shellybobbins has won on Riot Raffle website !!

                                                   My Gorgeous Prize !

Made from printed Union Jack fabric and backed with red linen mix fabric, this cushion measuring approximately 44cm x 30 cm is embroidered with the word HOPE and a gold crown. It is washable on a cool wash, but should be dried naturally and ironed while still damp. The cushion pad is non allergenic polyester filled. It has a two button closure on the back.

Riot website has been set up to raise money for those effected in riots earlier this year, Ive donated an ice-cream cushion and the lovely Winner is ................. Tracey Pereira !! which has just been announced on also buying a ticket too has been a surprise aswell winning the gorgeous cushion from Winnibriggs xxx

The total amount raised was £1205 well done to Zoe  just brilliant darling xxxx

Love Shellybobbins

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital & Waterloo Road Stars Supported by Ryman

 Waterloo Road Stars Have Been Seen in Green

Waterloo Road stars Jason Done, Rebecca Ryan and George Sampson are backing Be Seen In Green Day in support of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital charity.

The stars donned green wigs to launch Ryman’s Be Seen in Green Day, which is a fundraiser for schools that takes place on 4th November and asks pupils to make a small donation to the charity in return for being able to wear something green to school.

Schools that register for the event sponsored by Ryman before 14th October will be entered into an exclusive prize draw in which four winning schools will be visited by the cast members of Waterloo Road, who will take part in a question and answer session. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital charity patron Jason Done said, “Be Seen in Green is a great way for school children to get involved with the charity. I’m sure the children will have lots of fun finding green clothes to wear like a sock or bobble, some may even want to put on a silly green wig like us!” Charity Chairman, Maurice Watkins said “I hope a lot of schools sign up for our event. For just a small donation schoolchildren can have lots of fun while making a big difference to the lives of the young patients at the hospital.”
Be Seen in Green is being supported by Ryman, the UK’s leading specialist stationery and office supplies company, whose chairman is Theo Paphitis, star of BBC’s Dragon Den.

To register your school for the event please call the charity office on 0161 276 4522 or visit  
For more information on Ryman please visit
One event we have is called Ryman’s Be Seen in Green day which asks schools to support the charity by either allowing pupils to wear something green or non uniform on 4 November 2011.  The event is sponsored by Ryman and schools that sign up will be entered into a draw to win a visit from stars of BBC drama Waterloo Road .  Four schools will receive a flying visit (stars normally land at the schools by helicopter) and the stars will take part in a question and answer session with pupils.

All schools that register will also be entered into a second prize draw to win £250 of stationery from Ryman.   I have attached the press release and image that has been issued about the event and the event is on our website and schools can register online -

The second event is called Pyjama Day, which this year takes place on 26 October asking nurseries, crèches and play groups to wear their pyjamas in exchange for a donation.  Every nursery that registers to join in could win a bumper goody pack from Ryman, a Pyjama Drama session and a visit to their nursery from a very special guest simply by getting involved in PJ Day.
PJ Day is a simple way for nurseries, crèches and play groups across the North West to help us to raise vital funds, that this year will go towards the cost of clown doctors, who help to distract our poorly patients.
For every child that wears their pyjama, a suggested donation of £1 is made by the child's family and friends.
Those that register before the 7 October 2011 will be entered into a free prize draw to win:
  • A bumper pack of goodies courtesy of Ryman, which includes adorable pyjama bears.
  • A Pyjama Drama session at a later date.
  • A visit to your nursery from a very special guest on 26 October.
All organisations and groups that register, regardless of date will receive a free PJ Day pack.  Organisations can download a registration form from our website at

Love Shellybobbins

Monday, 3 October 2011

Shellybobbins #SBS winner gets surprise Dragon gift

Just click this link if you would like to read the full story

Thank you theo such a gent !

                                                    Theo did laugh at that one Shellybobbins
                                                            sneaking a peck on the cheek
                                                                     to say thank you

                                                   Even takes time to tweet & say thank you

Thank you Theo Paphitis for making my 40th Birthday very special indeed

Love Shellybobbins xxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shellybobbins receives gifts from Theo Paphitis at Boux Avenue Metro Centre Newcastle

 What a FABULOUS way to start your 40th Birthday !! with a tweet saying Happy 40th Birthday from Theo Paphitis  I SCREAM when I saw this !!!

 The crowds !!!! So many there & then all cheering when Theo came out ~~~ YAY !!!

 Mr Bobbins taking pictures of me & bump ! BabyBobbins                                         waiting to give Theo his Birthday gifts handmade of course

 Everyone was cheering !! I was cheering & shouting THEO !
scissors came out and the ribbon was cut, Theo went right to the back of the store, where everyone queued up for pictures !!

Just before this picture was taken it was a "Theo" !!! hugs kisses and a "Shelly" !!! I was SO thrilled to go and support Theo, Theo meet my hubby, shakes hands with Mr bobbins too, he supports so many others it was lovely to go and support & share the opening of Boux Avenue in Newcastle Metro Centre.

                     The Store's GORGEOUS so don't wait, go and have a spend & treat yourself ! Theo has the most fabulous staff too, met a really lovely lady called Julie, nothing was too much trouble, felt really looked after, we had such a good natter I will be back next month to see you too lovely lady, good customer service these days has to be 110% a lot of places don't even look at you when you walk in, never mind speak ! Not with Boux Avenue every ones so friendly, very helpful ! it takes shopping to a whole new level

Meet the lovely Michael

How lovely !! Theo's Chauffeur,We had such a giggle too !

 I had to find things to stretch ! over my lovely bump & that's the lovely Julie in the background too.   I'm also wearing my Harry Moseley  bracelet

 Handing Theo his Birthday Gifts I did say "Don't Open Till Tomorrow" Bless him Theo did say "You shouldn't of" but thank you so much  Handmade & Personalised

This is when I burst into tears very overwhelmed as Theo gave me flowers & gifts too how wonderful, I couldn't believe it & totally speechless, hubby taking pictures & press taking pictures, what an AMAZING day!

The gorgeous Stacey Solomon face of Boux Avenue

Stood with Theo arm full of flowers & Bags of alsorts from Theo & Mrs P !
Thank you Theo & Mrs P for gifts and making my 40th birthday a very special one indeed

                       Love Shellybobbins

I got to share this with my wonderful hubby who took some fab pictures !
thank you darling I love you so much xxx

If your wondering where the Boux Avenue stores are just click on this link

Dont forget shellybobbins has a lovely shop too !

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Can you Sponsor Shellybobbins for The Mumpreneur National Awards 2011

The National Mumpreneur Awards are fast approaching 25th September 2011 !! Im looking for a lovely sponsor to sponsor my ticket and round trip from carlisle cumbria to birmingham. Im So excited about being a finialist

Ive had so such support & well wishes even from Theo Paphitis & Jacqueline Gold

                                             It would mean the world to me if I was able to go                                                                Love Shellybobbins xxxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Shellybobbins Guest Blog & Review Imogen's Wardrobe

I discovered a really fun new clothing label for girls and boys age 6 months to 6 years, Imogen's Wardrobe. The business has been launched by Beth Cameron, designer and enthusiastic maker of all these gorgeous clothes. The idea was developed when Beth became a Mum and was inspired to start designing children's clothes to create a more flexible working environment.

 The clothes are all handmade, organic, sustainable and ethical, which gives them an interesting, and guilt free, background story. Everything is made from beautiful and washable fabrics, including soft organic cream cord and lovely blue cotton, plus designer fabrics from Liberty and Cath Kidston for the trimmings.

Beth also includes a unique nursery story on each label so your little one can enjoy the tale attached to their clothing, how cute.

Imogen's Wardrobe is offering Shelly Bobbins blog fans a 20% discount for orders made directly from the Imogen's Wardrobe Facebook page in September just quote the code 'September offer' when leaving a comment. You can view all the latest designs and prices on the album photos.  
Check out the little garment stories, including the little girl and boy pirate rhymes and see what Dotty Daisy has been up to on Beth's blog at and if you have a minute subscribe, to the blog to get all the latest designs and stories

Thank you Beth for asking shelly to review your site thank you so much for our gifts & with a baby on the way I cant wait to spend my voucher but ill have to wait and see if its a boy or a girl ! I will be stuck as they are both beautiful ranges for both xx

Love Shellybobbins xxxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shellybobbins Colouring Sheets are loved !!!

How gorgeous is this picture im so pleased to see this being sent in for me to see
Anna & Ellie I love your pictures darling fantastic colouring I love my hair & clips !!
the minibobbins picture is beautiful my girls think you have done them very well

This has made my day !

I will be adding more so keep coming back & dont forget to let your friends know

Love Shellybobbins xxxx

David Barton #SBS Winner picked by Theo Paphitis

Dragon’s ‘Tweet’ Icing on the Cake

the past 10 years, I have worked as a private music teacher, specialising in teaching flute, piano and singing. I have also done a lot of work as a piano accompanist, and am a published composer. I’ve also done quite a bit of freelance writing, and have recently launched my own range of unique musical greetings cards. All these individual bits of work go to make David Barton Music ( what it is today (it is now fashionably called a ‘Portfolio Career’!).

I’ve been entering #SBS for a few months now; I’ll admit that the entries have been made when I remember rather than on a religiously regular basis: after all, like most entrants, I never expected to win. But, in the end, persistence paid off. I sent the message as usual just after 5pm on Sunday night. I didn’t expect to hear anything, then just after 9pm, my phone started going mad with Tweets. At first I couldn’t understand it, and then realisation dawned that I must have been chosen (although I still didn’t see the original Tweet!). My Tweet, highlighting David Barton Music, was chosen and promoted to Theo Paphitis’ 161,000 followers. We beat around 1,000 entrants to be selected as one of the six on the 21st August.

The ‘SBS’ selection came as the icing on the cake, coinciding exactly with the 10th anniversary of my first day of teaching. I felt very lucky and hugely excited to be chosen. There is a common misconception that private music teachers such as myself only teach ‘on the side’; Theo’s backing of small businesses such as David Barton Music hopefully dispels such a myth.

So, with the coveted #SBS in hand, what next? Initially, I wasn’t sure what to do: like many winners, I hadn’t really thought of what comes next! The most important thing initially was to try and get to grips with the hundreds of Tweets and messages flooding in. I gave up trying to reply to them all quite early on! So far, I’ve gained just over 100 new followers from all over the UK. It has been good to chat, and indeed, ‘network’ with them over the past week. They represent so much of what is good about small business in the UK, and denote a diverse and exciting array of different setups.

I suppose the initial phase of an #SBS ‘win’ is about numbers. With an increase in followers, also came an increase in website hits: nearly quadruple the number of the previous week so far, and we’re still counting. I suppose the burning question for everyone is, does it translate into business? Well, that’s something only time will tell. I have learnt that Twitter is more than anything about awareness. People get to know you and what you offer; even if they aren’t interested, they might recommend it to someone who is. I am lucky in that the things I offer will appeal on a local, national and international level.

On the advice of the wonderfully enterprising ShellyBobbins, I issued a press release to local newspapers and websites – something which had not occurred to me as being worth doing! The next day, I had a phone call from a reporter at the Express & Star who was very excited about the news; they have also asked me to follow it up in a few weeks to let them know the impact of the #SBS: they may even run a follow-up story. Today, an article appeared in another local paper, the Lichfield Mercury. It is all good publicity and getting the message out there about what you do is hugely important to small businesses.

I’m sure it won’t be long before my website sports its special #SBS badge, and with two days of the #SBS week still to go, who knows what will happen! I am very grateful, as no doubt all winners are, to ShellyBobbins for offering such prompt and entrepreneurial advice!

With over 5,000 lessons and at least 150 pupils ‘under his belt’, I am looking forward to my 11th year of teaching with renewed vigour, helped by the support, albeit virtual, of a certain BBC Dragon.

thank you for your kind words and also for such an inspiring story congratulations on winning #SBS Small Business Sunday

Love Shellybobbins xxx