Friday, 7 October 2011

Shellybobbins invites Theo Paphitis #SBS winner Lock-Loop to share his fabulous news !!

Just a short note reference the Small business Sunday #SBS that is run by Theo Paphitis I was taking note of what Theo has said over the past years of watching him on TV and my new product lock-Loop need to be out there in the public eyes, as it was all very well to have a great product just sitting on my shelf fro me to admire but wouldn’t earn me any money!!

I had decided to advertise the most cost effective way via social media and on the third week of trying I got Theo to RT my tweet and my world went mad.

This for some reason (I think many other people who have won this recognition for such a businessman) it gave me massive pride and a new belief in myself and my product.
Since then I have got the Lock-Loop on the Halfords web site and is due to go on the shelves at the end of September, I have had very serious discussions and visited a very large German lock manufacture (unfortunately couldn’t agree on terms) am in talks with people in USA, China, SouthAfrica New Zealand and many other countries.

As you can see I have been very busy and in fact to busy to write this Blog for one of my best supporters ©Shellybobbins™ that I have promised her for many a week.

Over 4 years ago I designed a product call the Cool Laptop Stand of which I have sold over 60,000 of them but at the start of its life there was no social media and I had to do it all the hard way going to see companies etc. I only said to my wife the other day that I recon we could have sold 60,000 in the first year if Twitter etc had been around then, so come on everybody if you have an idea just try it you never now unless you try.

So my thanks go out to Theo Paphitis, Shelly and all my followers (always looking for more check out my web site )

TODAY :- My friend murry from Lock-Loop has just tweeted this !!


VERY PROUD Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner !!!!

How fabulous to see your product on Halfords shelves !!! YIPHEE

I had to share you story today of all days & share your amazing news

thank you murry good luck in the future & thank you for being a guest on Shellybobbins blog

Love Shellybobbins xxx

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  1. What a fabulous product! It looks so secure & simple to use. I'm always fascinated by the things people invent that change our lives in a positive way (there are some crazy ideas & some that although clever, aren't really needed) but this is well thought out, has huge potential & in a world that needs more bikes on the road than we do have - it is a must for secure storage when on the move. Congratulations on the SBS win & the very best of future sales on a great product.