Saturday, 25 August 2012

BBC radio Cumbria, Charity haircut & GCSE results & a tweet from Theo Paphitis

BBC radio Cumbria, Charity haircut & GCSE results & a tweet from Theo Paphitis
Last thursday both girls went on BBC Radio Cumbria on the Mike Zeller show to talk about cutting there hair for the Little Princess Trust which will take place at Tom Boyd hairdressers in Carlisle on the 30th August at 10.30am BBC Radio Cumbria will also be there to broadcast the event !If you would like to donate then please click the link every penny counts !

Although the girls where nervous I think they did really well ! also that morning ally got her mock GCSE results these are not her final results as ally gets those next year but the marks do count towards, Ally was brave enough to open them live on air ally thoughout the year has been studing very hard even though shes had to deal with being bullied & also having to deal with thoughts & ideas for her then unborn little brother ! I am very pleased to say that Noah was born very disabled but very alive on the 6th March 2012.

When ally opened her results I could tell listening to the radio that she wasnt happy & coming out of the studio looked at me and burst into tears I am VERY PROUD of my daughters and I personally think that allys amazing so when Theo Paphitis tweeted this morning I had to tell theo
I text ally and told her that Theo had sent a message ! this was her reply
Ally would like to say thank you to Theo Ive just taken this picture shes in her cadets uniform as the Air Cadets have been to an event this morning where by they serve the Mayor Of Carlisle his breakfast
"Made My Day Theo"
Thank you
love Ally xxxx
I cant wait to blog & show you pictures before & after
The BIG chop 30th August next Thursday
love shellybobbins xxxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Babybobbins needs micturating cystogram, Sensory room & Physio room

Noahs doing so well I had to blog hes been moving slightly his legs to crawl, lifting them up in the air from his waist, & now trying to hold his own head up, blowing rasberrys, reaching up with both hands/arms to be picked up doesnt happen all the time, but this is amazing to think just what noah can do with a tiny bit of brain, yesterday noahs been holding spoons in each hand while I feed him his breakfast which is pureed pears (which is also done to keep noah regular without using medication, homemade & then frozen ready to use every morning) food has been everywhere (giggles) its been so funny to watch and incredable to see noah feed himself, noah even grabbed with his fingers & thumb a rattle hanging from his play gym he amazes me every day

Next week we are off to the RVI hospital for a micturating cystogram to assess noahs bladder, as parents we want whats best for noah and seeing his progress so far feel he doesnt need catheterisation (not yet anyway) noah has full stream and also knows when his nappys dirty too & so much so makes a fuss there and then to be changed and doesnt matter if he hasnt finished his feed either, with noah going under a general anaesthetic again this decision hasnt been taken lightly at all but the out come will tell us whether noahs bladders emptying ok and the valves are working ok and also if theres any stones or not.

Had a visit from the Occupational Therapist lady to assess our home, noah will need to be able to get about in an electric wheelchair & also need to get upstairs to what will be noahs bedroom, bathroom we will need downstairs shower room or bath, we will also have to think about me doing noahs physio as I cant get up & down off the floor and so far ive managed to do noahs physio on a changing mat that goes across the top of his cotbed, with noah getting very long a gaining weight i'll need a hoist to lift noah onto some sort of ajustable bed, maybe a physio bed ?

The other thing at the moment im doing is looking into carseats and although noahs trying to hold his head up it will still need supported whilst in his carseat so the Occupational Therapist will be asking rep's to see if they can help as noah will need a carseat that isnt upright.

Noahs nurseries on the top floor and a lift cant be put in to make the top floor assesable for him so we are now going to start decorating yet another room & have a jiggle about, door ways dont meet to the 900mm needed for a wheelchair either, bedroom sizes are ok but noah still needs his turning circle of 1500mm, light switches & sockets are not at the right hight etc etc the councils coming next week to see whats possible with extension to my sewing room & see if it would be easier to have a bedroom, bathroom downstairs for noah or not

If anyone reading my blog knows of where we can get any help from charities then Id be really grateful im wanting to buy some lights for noahs room making it a sensory/physio room for him

everything thats for a disabled person seems to be tripple the price ????

thank you for taking the time to read & comment on my blog I love reading your comments

Love Shellybobbins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx