Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shellybobbins receives gifts from Theo Paphitis at Boux Avenue Metro Centre Newcastle

 What a FABULOUS way to start your 40th Birthday !! with a tweet saying Happy 40th Birthday from Theo Paphitis  I SCREAM when I saw this !!!

 The crowds !!!! So many there & then all cheering when Theo came out ~~~ YAY !!!

 Mr Bobbins taking pictures of me & bump ! BabyBobbins                                         waiting to give Theo his Birthday gifts handmade of course

 Everyone was cheering !! I was cheering & shouting THEO !
scissors came out and the ribbon was cut, Theo went right to the back of the store, where everyone queued up for pictures !!

Just before this picture was taken it was a "Theo" !!! hugs kisses and a "Shelly" !!! I was SO thrilled to go and support Theo, Theo meet my hubby, shakes hands with Mr bobbins too, he supports so many others it was lovely to go and support & share the opening of Boux Avenue in Newcastle Metro Centre.

                     The Store's GORGEOUS so don't wait, go and have a spend & treat yourself ! Theo has the most fabulous staff too, met a really lovely lady called Julie, nothing was too much trouble, felt really looked after, we had such a good natter I will be back next month to see you too lovely lady, good customer service these days has to be 110% a lot of places don't even look at you when you walk in, never mind speak ! Not with Boux Avenue every ones so friendly, very helpful ! it takes shopping to a whole new level

Meet the lovely Michael

How lovely !! Theo's Chauffeur,We had such a giggle too !

 I had to find things to stretch ! over my lovely bump & that's the lovely Julie in the background too.   I'm also wearing my Harry Moseley  bracelet

 Handing Theo his Birthday Gifts I did say "Don't Open Till Tomorrow" Bless him Theo did say "You shouldn't of" but thank you so much  Handmade & Personalised

This is when I burst into tears very overwhelmed as Theo gave me flowers & gifts too how wonderful, I couldn't believe it & totally speechless, hubby taking pictures & press taking pictures, what an AMAZING day!

The gorgeous Stacey Solomon face of Boux Avenue

Stood with Theo arm full of flowers & Bags of alsorts from Theo & Mrs P !
Thank you Theo & Mrs P for gifts and making my 40th birthday a very special one indeed

                       Love Shellybobbins

I got to share this with my wonderful hubby who took some fab pictures !
thank you darling I love you so much xxx

If your wondering where the Boux Avenue stores are just click on this link

Dont forget shellybobbins has a lovely shop too !

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  1. What a lovely day you had and what lovely pictures. Isn't Theo so lovely xx