Saturday, 11 June 2011

Competition ~ By ©Shellybobbins™

 There's alot goes on behind the scenes here at Bobbins I.H.Q. Im a real girly girl & from a very young age loved anything to do with make-up, perfume, fancy soaps, body lotions, I was in my elements !!! 

So my next step to put into place is to launch my own Certified Organic Lip Balms In gorgeous fruity flavours I love Lip Balms Do You ..............................

Competition Time 

All you have to do Is Guess What Flavour It Is & tell me why you love Lip Balms SO MUCH 

Random Winner Chosen from Comments left on my blog Winner will be posted out a handmade heart to represent your LOVE OF LIP BALMS 

I Look Forward to reading your comments 
Competion ends on 15th June (Wednesday) 
(Heart Of the Month Will Follow This Competition And Start On Wednesday) 

I Love Lip Balms because of there .............Smell,  Package, Colour, Flavour, Price 

Will You Be Buying One Of ©Shellybobbins™  Lip Balms ?

Love ©Shellybobbins™    xxx


  1. I love lip balms because they are great if you are on a diet! They make your mind think you have had a treat!!! And... a wild guess is that the flavour is Orange????

    Cheers Shelly!

    Andie_E x

  2. I love lip balm because they are lip smacking good. After apply this lovely Orange balm i would be ready for a smooch. The flavour is Orrange.

    what ever you turn your hand to is sure to be Shellitastic. x


  3. Hi Shelly

    I was going to say orange too! Another lovely product in the Shellibobbins range! :) xxx

  4. I love lip bams because they make my lips kissably soft & they come in tiny litte cute tubs that fit into the smallest little bag. I think the flavour is orange Sarah x

  5. I love lip balms because they not only look after your lips, leaving them kissable, but they are yummy too.

    I think the flavour is orange, and I cant wait to buy all the flavours xxx


  6. Heya !

    I'm Tweeting as @CRYSTALmse

    Also following your Blog via G.F.C

    I love lip balms because they're the only thing that can prevent my lips from becoming chapped and dry . The gorgeous flavours and glossy effect doesn't do any harm either !

    I think the answer is : ORANGE

    Many thanks for this delish competish Shelli !


  7. Hi Shelly

    I think orange! I love lip balm so handy to take out and about with you and my daughter and nieces would love it too, cant wait to buy some from you.

    Di xx

  8. i think the answer is orange!

    i love lip balms as they taste so fantastic & make me feel better as theyve the power to make me beleive that im having one of my recommended five a day everytime i apply!

    colette xx

  9. I think the flavour is orange segments dipped in chocolate... (accompanied by verve clique!)

    I love lip balm because it tastes & smells gorgeous and can instantly glam up your face while moisturising :)

    Louise xx

  10. I love lip balms because of their versatility!
    I'd guess the flavour is orange. Thanks for the comp hun :) xx

  11. Orange it probably too obvious, so what about something like tangerine dream.
    I love lip balms because of their lusciousness!