Friday, 10 June 2011

Plasticine Peg Dolls ~ ©Shellybobbins™

Just seen this on facebook and had to share it as it reminds me of many an hour watching my sister sat with both of my daughters making plasticine peg people 4 years ago !!!!

pictures are not brilliant as Ive taken them on a phone camera

great to make things into characters could be anything from a peg to a washing up bottle ! I had peg dollies as a child & also the small wooden mops used for washing up, pretend play was brilliant !!

although the pictures dark you can see that this peg dolls got a very posh frock on hahahah hahah

You don't have to use plasticine you could use any old bits of cloth you have duster,salt dough or even newspaper, would be great to do at a little girls party then get an adult to glue a brooch pin on the back ! great for Christmas too as lovely gift for the tree.

Hope you like reading this :0)

Love ©Shellybobbins™


  1. I'd completely forgotten about these!! Haha we spent hours doing these, maybe even days......kept us quiet though!! Haha xxxxx

  2. Just bought some of these pegs. Will get the scraps out and spend some time making funny people with my son! Such fun, thanks for showing yours.