Monday, 23 February 2015

#HugsForNoah 3rd birthday........ Virtual invite & free download party pack

Noah's 3rd Birthday on the 6th of March and like last year we are having a free birthday pack download Noah's party pack was printed off and actually went global last year so we are wanting to do the same again ! 

We Need Your Help ! We can't do this without your support, raising awareness I do everyday my mission is to spread the awareness of Noah's condition he has just 2% brain & paralysed from the chest, I know to take folic acid and did BUT what I didn't know was that you must take it 3 months before getting pregnant .......... Noah has a condition called Spina Bifida it sets in from the 14th day of conception and you don't even know your pregnant ! Around 1000 babies are born every year with this condition and around 200 actually make it, parents are given the choice to terminate upto 33 weeks in some cases, we where given this option and declined it 5 times ! a none resuscitation order was put on our beautiful baby son which we named Noah ...... We planed the funeral so we could all spend the time with Noah after the birth knowing we'd all be together with him.

Noah let out a HUGE cry his determination everyday to be here and do things is an amazing sight to see ! 

Please come and join in with Noah's 3rd birthday take a selfie and let us know where your from or what country 

Thank you 
Love Shellybobbins®

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