Monday, 2 March 2015

Feeding the birdies #HugsForNoah

Today I asked Noah would you like "to stand" then he said "Shouted YES" so I've never been on my own putting on his body brace before & it is a 2 adult process !!! 

As you can see mummy managed but being in the front room telling Noah the birds need there bread I realised I then had to carry him, get the bread for the birds, find the door keys, carry a chair so I can sit beside Noah, etc etc lol, 

will plan better tomorrow, then Noah started to break up the bread and mix it in his kitchen sink, eat it and mix it with a spoon as you do, "mummy open door birdies bread" Noah said 

so he threw it out side but then also threw the kitchen sink and pans lol !!!! Followed by him saying "OH NO LOOK ........... PAN OUTSIDE" lol 

I couldn't stop laughing then Noah tries to get his head into where the sink goes and actually gets onto his tiptoes !!!!!! 

20mins he lasted bless him then lay shattered with his warm milk, blanket & ted bear ! #HugsForNoah 

Tomorrow is another amazing day ! want to see Noah's valentines christening ? please visit #HugsForNoah 

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