Saturday, 7 February 2015

#HugsForNoah Piano Fingers

Good morning lovelies how are you and what's your plans for the weekend ? 

We have Aunt Esther, Nana, Grandad & Uncle Raymond coming so just 10 for tea, we are all getting really excited about Noah's Christening next week, we've had some amazing help from family & friends making & using what we have to recycle & make decorations, I have some material bunting that I'm half way through still have to sew it it all up yet. 

Noah's been loving his piano this week, it's a really old not tuned and we've glued some of the keys back on, but the main thing is Noah loves it, we bought it for £20 many years ago & a piano stool for £1 at the auction, I love to see Noah enjoy his music !

We will have a few surprises next Saturday to share with you to ........... Can't say anymore

Lots of love Shelly x

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