Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My story on World Arthritis Day x

What a brilliant day to share some ups and downs with you on World Arthritis Day, I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 2 & half, I really didn't know any different at that age......wrong I remember most things even from such an early age PAIN one of them and being taken to the hospital and cuddled by nurses while I broke my heart crying watching my parents leave, asking daddy to please put the orange light on, It was a breakdown truck and the light use to shine and light up the hole ward, while all the other children where asleep, Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis has been a challenge full stop, I just want people to know it can effect you at any age, and anytime of your life - Some of the pictures may shock you this is to make you think - theirs always someone, somewhere worse off than yourself and we should always think of others first before ourselves.
Family & friends raising money for people with Arthritis, borrowed a bed & the large teddy from Pendalbury Childrens Hospital where I did spend most of my childhood I'm the one behind the pram & that's my sister in it ! It wasn't till I was older and out of a wheelchair that mum & dad considered having another child as It would of been really difficult to manage one in a wheelchair and a baby in a pram so that's why theres a big gap I have a very special sister x 
My Family did many a flag day raising money, making things to sell always wanting to raise as much money for others with Arthritis as we could - I think in this picture I'm the shop keeper lol

As you can see from the picture my left knee was effected also my right arm too

Left leg in plaster but always laughing ! here with my lovely grandad

This is why I don't wear short skirts but I think after posting this for the hole world to see Mmmm I might ha

When you have had a knee done their is allot of bruising as they do use a hammer ! Oh and sometimes a cordless drill lol

If it wasn't for the Americans making this knee I wouldn't be able to walk ! and yes this is my picture of my leg with my new knee x you might not like this picture but it is real life !

Decorating walking frames, walking sticks, leg braces, hospital beds, sparkles on my plaster is just a thing a do as people will always look, so always give people something to look at no matter what your age x

These are my shoes my favourite LK Bennett shoes "I love them" I know it sounds mad but I did buy them when I had my knee removed ! I was my little goal to myself - one day I will wear them and use to sit in bed with them on lol It felt amazing

Me trying to climb stairs with a leg brace on !

This is my new elbow ! unfortunately it didn't work so I do struggle abit

It was very painful and we thought it was going to work but didn't - and if you don't try you will never know x

Now that's what I call sore !

Its just a small silver line now but Ive still got my bent arm - Oh well never mind x

Sorry but how nice are these lol, I cant wear them but love to just try shoes on in shops I just managed to stand in these x

Another thing I hate being disabled and people looking as I do have a limp, but Arthritis has made me the person I am today always up for a challenge & always positive ! (ps I was stood on one leg while rob took this I had no knee)

My wonderful soulmate, My rock through hell, Who I love very much and after five years I said yes I really wanted to get married to my rob x

I love my husband, I love my girls, I love my family and also Rheumatoid Arthritis x

 Let people help you, even when you know you can do it yourself

With love from shellybobbins xxx


  1. You already know how much I love you but do you know how proud of you I am??? Love you always xxx jackie

  2. Truly amazing what you've done! Thank you for sharing your story.
    PS--your nee surgery photo is awesome! HA HA! xx from America

  3. Truly amazing what you've done! Thank you for sharing your story.
    PS--your nee surgery photo is awesome! HA HA! xx from America

  4. It's taken me several days to read your post as I have a dreadful cold that is affecting my sight! But I have left the tab open and managed to read it today!

    I am inspired by your story and can identify with a lot of it as I was in and out of hospital as a child as I lost my sight to cataracts. It was a difficult time but I don't remember it...too stressful I think. I have had to live with some sight impairment almost my whole life and it is amazing how we just get on with it isn't it?

    I am amazed that you can say you love your Arthritis! I'm not sure I can say that about my sight even though with the help of contacts I look normal and can drive and make things.

    Anyway thanks for sharing your story and may you be an inspiration to many more people!

    Love Teri xx

  5. You are one brave girl! Wearing those hot pink shoes again is a must! They are cute!

  6. I have already left a little comment on your Twitter but they don't give you enough characters.

    Reading you story was lovely. People out there don't understand how hard it is to do things. Even simple things like opening a door or turning a tap on.
    It was lovely to see your pictures from your differnt journeys! You are such an inspiration!

    I was 3 when I was diagnosed with Juevinile Chronic Arthritis. It started in my right knee and I now have it in every single joint even my jaw.
    Life has been tough but it gets easier. I am on some amazing medication so I am at my best right now!

    Big hugs!
    SRainbowx (Twitter)

  7. what an inspiring women you are. I have chronic health problems myself, thankyou for sharing your story! Keep collecting those fabulous shoes!