Sunday, 19 September 2010

My girls at "The Battle Of Britain Parade 19th Sept 2010"

I thought i would be a bit different a do a slide show as there where so many pictures and so many things to say, this morning started with really heavy rain, all of the cadets would be expected to march in the rain without waterproof coat so we had fingers crossed - im glad it didnt rain and we were early ! The cadets all looked really smart in there uniform it was a really good day and i actually got to march, well i was at the back of the parade, hope you like this.

Leaving comments would be appreciated

with love shellybobbins xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing this touching tribute Michelle. I know you and your husband are so proud of your fine daughters!

  2. aww .... what a lovely blog post ... you must be so proud ... I used to live near Cockermouth, so its lovely seeing Carlisle again!

    Maria x

  3. Michelle,
    What a wonderful record of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The Air Training Corps "did us proud" and I thank No 1862 Squadron for their continued support.
    Long may that support continue.
    Tony P
    President Civilian Cttee
    President RAFA Carlisle
    PS - I have been given some other photos taken inside the Cathedral if you would like to add them to the record.

  4. What a great blog post , you can see you are so proud of your girls lovely xx