Sunday, 5 September 2010

What a Jammie day !

Our lovely next door neighbour knocked on the door with a big bag of Cherry's ! & some friends of ours gave us some plums. so I decided to have a go at making jam, my thinking was put fruit in pan boil & put into jars Mmmm simples !
getting all the stones out of the Cherry's was a job and a half took ages, thinking to myself this jam better be worth it or I'm never doing it again the idea of making it for everyone Christmas present suddenly faded into the distance, No recipe I'm just going to do like they do on TV ! Jamie Oliver style "Chuck it in" so I boiled the fruit for along time with sugar didn't think it needed any water ? then remembered I had to boil the jars too, & of course in between all this tweeting aswel, managed a few disco moves from the sink to cooker singing to Annie Lennox

Well will it be ok to eat i wondered ? I asked my tweeter friends on how to test
 of course
"Cold Plate"
as I poured it out onto a plate I looked down to a smiley face !!
I couldn't stop laughing ! I did send some Jammie smiles out, if you didn't get one this is for you ! I did have a little taste it was delicious, I named it Ruby Red shellybobbins style of course the jam was ready ! yummy taste buds were dancing too couldn't wait to taste it !

And serve with bread & butter yes it did take along time to make but it was worth making, but I wont be making it for Christmas presents giggle giggle x


  1. Ooh I love home made jam. I've only ever made plum jam, but I always leave the stones in, and scoop them out of the pan as they bubble to the surface. Don't know if this is the right way to do it, but the jam usually turns out ok and it always seems easier than fishing them out of each plum.

    Your blog is looking fab ... love the pic at the top!