Monday, 13 September 2010

You Cant Dance your disabled !

Wish I could Swing like this

The thing is you don't know what your capable of until you try, I have arthritis had it since the age of 2, but hasn't stopped me from doing anything I want to do & I do mean anything ! not being able to walk and yet wanting to get up & jive you would think - impossible to do, no if I wanted to do something I would fined away & my parents would make sure I at least had ago, always aiming high doing the best I could possibly do, so you can image my delight when I eventually got out of my wheelchair, after the physio & numerous doctors saying I couldn't do things ! (makes me angry writing that bit) I started dance lessons ballet & tap at the age of 5 years old,  I did my ballet exam with a stiff leg and got my medal ! And that was the last of ballet - next on my to do list !
Well one medal lead to another and so on, "I loved dancing", started private lessons on a Saturday morning in between being in and out of a wheelchair, mum thought it was best doing a lesson one to one I really don't think I could of managed a group lesson, wasn't that steady on my legs at the best of times ! everyone would turn up with there sparkly dance shoes, I really wanted wanted high heels I knew not in a million years would I get some - well I could buy them & just look at them ?

These are my special shoes not the none surgical type (had to wear them to when I was young horrible shoes) I had to wait allllllllllong time to wear these (and i shouldn't) wouldn't, cant do -I hate these words, because I can & I have !

Ive got the medals just counted them 24 ! love the Latin American style & ballroom also did a bit of disco too,
So Where theres a will theres a way ! The only thing i didn't get a chance to do was dance in a ballgown in Blackpool tower ballroom & do the jive too, Well never say never ha x
I would appreciate your comments on this alot thanks for taking the time to read it
love shellybobbins xx


  1. You are an inspiration - with that kind of attitude you will have done more than I have done in my life so far.
    Keep up the good work and i look forward to hearing more!

  2. Amazing, fantastic and absolutely inspirational xxx

  3. This is really moving Michelle - absolutely amazing. You are made of strong stuff and thoroughly deserve all your happiness. We all know that feeling able bodied or not - when someone says one can't do something or shouldn't one always wants to! And you did - more than most can say as its easy to give up.Fear is something that i've battled with - there's nothing very much physically "wrong" with me but I know well the feeling of yearning for something and not quite feeling capable - just drowning in nerves. Fortunately for me I am less and less like that as I get older. And I am middle aged - about time!! We are both going for it :) love Gabsxx

  4. You are star! I work with a young person who will find this a really inspiring story, thanks x

  5. Good for you! That's more than I can do now, with all limbs fully functioning ;-)

    Katie x

  6. What an inspiring post! All too often I let the can'ts and the self-doubt keep me from doing all that I want to do. Slowly but surely I am breaking free. Thank you for the boost I needed today! :)