Friday, 17 September 2010

Without a knee for 6months !

This is what happen with my first knee cant describe the pain - so painful ! Ive just watched the clip and realised what they did Ouch x
Bless it was a good knee but only lasted 9 years, The replacement knee I have now is called nexgen complete knee system - high flex, I had my knee taken out a few years ago (like the one in the film clip)  and my new knee wouldn't fit so it had to be made to order, a bit like ordering a sofa when they tell you 8-12 weeks and it turns up 5months later ! Well actually mine took 6 and a half months, to manage with no knee, none weight bearing & on crutches, walking frame and grabber sticks, and thinking back there was nothing else the hospital could of done they did everything, we will phone you when we get your knee, very strange feeling having to manage with no knee ? at least I had my leg I was grateful for that, having been told previous that if they couldn't get my old knee out they would have to take the leg off - already planned in my head that this would happen and joking with everyone that I could have different legs to clip on shaved & unshaven, tanned & untanned, so spending time with no knee felt very strange indeed, and still to this day now some days I find myself standing on one leg cleaning my teeth ! Hopping down the stairs at home with coat on ready to go out and opening the front door going to put the alarm on and not being able to hop quick enough ! and having to hop quick back to turn off the blaring sound of the alarm - balls to it ! getting into the car with the walking frame and the seat right back & just managing to get it passed me sideways and onto the passenger seat - some days knackered just by getting dressed & doing very simple things that all of us take for granted. Going and doing the weekly shop first the mission of getting ready, & fighting with the walking frame & saying balls to the alarm - giggle, but then having to try and find a parking space near enough so I didn't have to much hopping to do, once your in the supermarket and in a motorised shopping trolley having most people staring at you, & then struggling to reach things either on the bottom shelf or the top, I really think more can be done for disabled people we can be made disabled at any age & anytime 
This was the best day ever ! going down to theatre my knee has arrived at last, wow hurry hurry and then I can try it out had to have a picture taken - yiphee ! It had been well planned I'm going to be awake for the whole thing, it was brilliant the only thing was i had to have a long pin in the lower part of my leg and ended up loosing a large piece of bone so for six weeks after the operation I had to be in plaster but this was fine as I got bright pink plaster cast & glued pink sparkles on it

People are going to stare anyway soI thought so why not give them something to stare at and sparkle at the same time - most people smiled at me which was nice x

Now don't laugh -giggle- I did however have to wear these lovely fashion shoes ! point blank -NO, I really had to draw the line somewhere
Me & my girlie's !My instep has come back & my feet have grown but apart from that the knees great !My Husband & girls where amazin though out all this and  I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for there support, love, care & attention they gave me - thank you just doesn't seem enough x
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with love from shellybobbins xx


  1. I love what you did with your cast!!

    Good on you for keeping going & not just sitting back feeling sorry for yourself! :D

  2. You are truly an inspiration to us all. Loved the sparkly pink cast :)

  3. Hope you make a super quick recovery!
    And oooh the plaster looks lush, fuchsia pink with sparkles, looks like a design from the sabah designs card range....i like it!

  4. Hope you make a super speedy recovery.
    Love the sparkly plaster, very lush!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a thing to go through!! Good on you for smiling thruogh it all...keep on smiling!

    Lisa x

  6. ouch! I am so in awe of you ... although would you really bother with the 'unshaven' leg? hehe

    LOVE the pink sparkly cast ... I broke my leg when I was about 13 and drew & coloured pretty patterns all over it, but would have loved to have had a pink cast!

    Congrats on the new knee, instep & big feet ;)

    Love Maria x

  7. What a lovely, uplifting post ... keep writing - and keep smiling.

  8. Loving your attitude and the pink sparkles :) Your blog makes for happy reading despite some really serious issues. xxx
    BTW We also live in a fixer-upper old place, love old stuff fact, uncannily similar!

  9. What an inspirational story. Your sweet attitude throughout your ordeal is an inspiration. I am praying you will have a speedy recovery. Love the pic of you and your amazing daughters. Such lovely ladies!

  10. Ur such an inspiration! I kno most ppl would complain, u remind me of Emma so much! I'll be incredibly proud if she turns into a woman half as amazing as u! U deserve wert success lovely x