Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Open For Business At Last & A Retweet From TheoPaphitis - Dragons Den

Well My goodness what a hell of journey Ive been through since June this year, the  News & Star our local paper are doing a story on me, I went there on Monday night just gone Kelly who did the story carried my heavy vintage machine into the building, one of the desks where cleared and there we set up ! just brilliant out came one of the very first samples of a shellybobbins doll, which I have to say looks nothing like the one Ive done ha ,  I cant wait to put the link on tomorrow, well today ha, It is nearly 2am, Loads of sewing to do tomorrow & of course read the news paper ha.

Well I must tell you about Theo Paphitis you know that I do go on about this #sbs small business Sunday between 5 & 7.30pm every Sunday and you tweet theo with your web link and if your luck on the Monday he will re tweet your information, Well Monday came and had checked my phone a few times but then when it had got passed 11 O'clock I did stop checking, Then I had a tweet saying Well done, I thought I was with opening on Wednesday till I checked AND YES IT WAS MY TURN  I got the RETWEET from THEO FROM THE dragons DEN !! I did scream ha ha
Here's my Re- tween from theo !
Then It did go mad, as when you re- tweet because theo has 55 thousand followers everyone came to follow me too, not 55 thousand !! ha ha ha but my phone notifications never stop with new twitter friends which is amazin, its been so much fun

The main thing is to use this as positive advertising to promote small businesses !
#SBS on twitter ROCKS !
Theo & everyone else that has taken the time and effort to support me, family, friends, husband & both daughters, grants places, http://www.wcda.co.uk/ James at routes to work PS. please send my cheque lol, Ellen at Cumbria Foundation,  Joanne Miller whos an ambassador for women in business Joanne has offered to help mentor me too. http://www.twoeytoys.com/ , Alison Marrs ,Cathryn at Chamber of commerce (got me my machine from freecycle really kind lady) Nanny Fi from http://www.childcareisfun.co.uk/ who invited me to do all the crafting on her site & get my name known - big thank you x, Big thank you to Paul at the singer shop in Carlisle fantastic demo & fantastic £600 discount as Paul wanted to help me, Robbie Dee from CFM who every morning kept me going I did text in a few months ago and he did give shellybobbins such a good plug thank you Robbie x Tony at the Halifax who has been amazin anyone who wants to open a business account go and see him tell him Shelly sent you x Gabriella Buckingham who I became friends with straight away on twitter and helped me so much gabs asked for my story and took it as an example and off she went to see government ministers, she is amazin lady that was another story which if you do want to read it, its on hear too.  When word got out that I really needed a machine one of neighbours came knocking on our door with not one but two very old singer machines and said if you want these take them just lovely people you meet that help you so much, so I just wanted to say thank you x

Love shellybobbins

PS. don't forget to buy on my folksy store ready for Christmas please xxx
Email address for any orders you wish to contact me about x


  1. Congratulations. As a new starter myself I feel I may need some tips! :)


  2. you will be fine sweety good luck in all you do

    with love Shellybobbins xx