Friday, 12 November 2010


Ive just seen what happened to our lovely red poppys burned on rememberance day - awful, feel really sorry for those hurt by it, dont let them get to you, saying that my eyes just filled up I couldnt believe what i saw

this short WW2 footage is amazin to watch and nice to think all though ive not seen a picture of my great, great grandad and that somewhere in it, he was smiling x my daughters will both be collecting money for rememberance sunday in Carlisle tomorrow, its allys birthday on sunday but she did say rememberance sunday comes first and I know i will be their stood in floods of tears and feel very proud to be BRITISH !

please feel free to leave any comments as I love reading them x

love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. How very proud you must feel of your girls. My Grandfather was sadly killed in WWII and I always feel very sad and yet proud on Remembrance Sunday. Catherine x

  2. It's important to remember_ Wilfred Owen poetry- fantastically evocative .I have been to the big WW1 cemeteries in Normandy- beautiful and also incredibly sad- hundreds of thousands of young lives- makes you weep...the awfulness of it all.. we should never forget.

  3. Thank you very much for leaving your comments,I really do appreciate it so very much xx

    love shellybobbins x