Monday, 30 August 2010

Memories of family life

The first time I saw this film I really couldn't stop laughing as it reminded me of my mum & dad, what ever house we lived in mum would say to dad "I think we will have a wall here and a door there" the houses where amazing, my sister and I would go to bed and wake up with the front room totally different mum was the decorator, sewer, cook, cleaner, and dad the builder, artist, crafts man, beer maker, mechanic, also turning his hand to anything, dad would build some amazing things, like a Range Rover which he built from the chassis up it had an engine etc I loved it. We took the Range Rover to Belgium on holiday along with the caravan that dad had totally rebuilt one side of , he did a great job rebuilding it, Mum of course styled the inside and everything was matching, the cushions, curtains and seats, now that was a fantastic holiday. They would always be on the go mum would sew and knit for hours after my sister & I had gone to bed, we would wake up to something completely new it could of been anything from loopy cardigans, new skirts, dresses, knitted full length coats, ball gowns, bridesmaid ,curtains, cushions in our bedrooms mum and dad always made things, making our house a home, they made us feel loved & always safe ! Its my parents ruby wedding on 12th Sept and I just wanted to dedicate this to them as my sister & I wouldn't be the people we are today if it wasn't for having such good parents love to you both xxxx
so have a look & a giggle at this snippet of film and remember back to moving walls! 

Happy Anniversary x

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  1. awww lovely post hun! Your mom and dad would be very proud..
    P.S love the new look blog, very stylish!