Sunday, 22 August 2010

A busy week

Well what a week 'A' level results, interviews at college, crafting cards, shopping, emergency dentist,horse riding, auction, tweeting, facebooking,cadets phew.......... Designing dolls clothes, ebaying,cooking,cleaning I love being busy, but it would be nice just to sew !
Ok lets start at the beginning then after a lovely weekend last week up early Monday morning and off to the local house clearance auction didn't buy as much this week at all just two boxes full of goodies & a lovely dressing table, in one of the boxes a pair of very old leather roller boots even got the number on the wooden wheels !  No 31 Hamaco take alook
I love things like this, they need a good clean though !
this was a bargin £10 pounds I really don't know whether I should paint it white or not & put some pretty little trinket boxes on it old brush and comb set, I think something like this looks really good in a bathroom one day I will be able to afford another slipper bath for our main bathroom it will be nice once everything comes together we have worked very hard doing this 1730's house up, I will put on some pictures for you to see before & after shots
Tuesday went to carlisle & spent two hours in the fabric shop I was in heaven, popped into the market where they had a small box of lace pieces quite cheap couldn't resist buying a few ! this was the day my business cards came 
I'm really pleased with myself for designing these as Ive never done anything like this ha I don't even want to give any away x
Wednesday ally went horse riding which she loved,
and the rest of the time both girls have been crafting and making some really stunning cards x
I think they have done such a good job making these they have been asked to do there step-sisters wedding next year, so there busy making samples now think theres another business venture there!
Thursday was results day so after some tweeting off we go to carlisle art college & school where stef picked up here results passed all three 'A' levels we are really proud of her xxx Well done darling
we did some shopping and bumped into Nana in asda stef told Nana how she had done, she was so pleased for her, the phone was red hot that day !
Friday up early as stef had an interview at carlisle college 10am after along morning having to do a maths & English test and then going for the interview they said yes to doing NVQ  level 1 in food prep & cooking! We have to get a uniform and a set of knifes next and references before her first day, think theres going to be a come dine with me in the house, ally said she will never be able to do spag bol like mums !
A good week had by all
P.S  wonder if I'll get to sew next week ?


  1. wow ... very busy week ... but some good things ... love the dressing table ~ bargain!! and love your business cards too :)
    And congrats to Stef on her A level results.
    Hope you manage to get some sewing done next week!

    Maria x

  2. What a busy week you've had, LOVE the business cards you're photos have come out really really well, congrats to your daughter too :)

  3. Sounds like you have been really busy! Well done to your Daughter on her results. I love the business cards - gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for all your kind words it means alot to me xx