Thursday, 12 August 2010

12th August 2010 sewing madness

hair hair and more hair ive decided to do a light brown hair on my ragdoll it takes along time to do this i thought it was going to be easy ha how wrong i was ! ive made a cotton body but didnt want to have a plain one, ive still got the one my aunty maxine made me as a little girl it says i love you, so i thought i would put a felt heart and sewn it on by hand with  i love you on it ! it looks just like a sweety and really cute ally my daughter has started doing designs dresses, shoes, and bags - i think we will be seeing more of this little designer when shes older, well i just thought i would say hello and let you know what ive been upto since starting this blog done the usual to of course washing cooking & cleaning !

many thanks for visit xx


  1. Well done on starting your blog. I look forward to seeing some of the things you are making x

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    - Lucas