Sunday, 22 August 2010

Before & after

This is little Allys room, we use to live in a very small house and Allys room was the box room, you could actually stretch your arms from one side to the other it was so small, so when we got this house ally got to choose her room she decided what she was having colour scheme, fire, curtains everything stef was her helper !
ally wanted to have ago at everything & for a teenager we are very lucky that she wanted to have ago ha even at sanding the floor, rob (hubby) showing ally what to do.
This house use to be a pub many years ago and stopped serving alcohol in the 1950's it was know as     "The  Bush Inn"
up stairs joining both of the girls rooms was a thin ply board wall which had been papered it had lovely flowers on it,(yuck) we had to fire proof both rooms it was recommended by the fire safety officer to take it all down and put up a proper wall up, when rob took the ply boards down there where a row of doors which folded back to make a function room, thought the room was huge before never mind when the folded doors where back it was massive of course it was a dirty job for rob taking it all down & he did really good job building another wall. 

Ally was so pleased to see where her fire was eventually going to go took ages to knock all the concrete out really sad to see original fire just ripped out and just everything filled in, and so nice to be bringing everything back to life love this picture of ally in her PJ's
Last was cleaning the chimney rob found a birds nest lucky we had a sheet to cover the opening, now we could have the walls skimmed ready for painting, ally wanted coving & she had picked a beautiful ceiling rose, hadn't seen any fireplaces that ally liked so we just kept looking, then driving through carlisle outside a junk shop there it was a lovely fireplace wrong colour but really nice mum & sister in law, helped take it all
apart and home it came to be revamped & loved x
Decided to spray the fireplace cream but the mantel was too big and it did have to be altered another job for rob!
ally had decided on pink of course just one wall where her fireplace was going her curtains are cream with ribbons down them and bows at the top (which i did by hand and a tiny button in the middle) my sister @houselabel did a really good job putting lines after lines of ribbons on and ally loves her curtains thank you aunty wendy
Over time we have been collecting things like a dressing table which ally wanted white

Ally loves this dressing table I painted it white and put white felt on the top and then ally did some small designs of outfits on small hangers she lay them on the felt then we put glass on the top. Allys done quite a  few different designs on her dressing table it looks really pretty
These are allys curtains

Found this mirror in a charity shop it was gold.

I love this room & you will be pleased to know ally loves it too x


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous room! She's a very lucky lady, well done to you all

  2. Awwww thanks for the mention!! Ha ha what you didn't say was we were up till 2am trying to get them right! Ha ha xxxxxx

  3. Gorgeous, want it to be mine :) Brilliant work x

  4. OMG, the transformation if fabulous. You are a woman after my own heart. Your daughter is lovely and I am impressed that she was willing to work so hard to make her room so beautiful. Congrats!

  5. I love it!! Can't believe the transformation. You've done a great job. What I would have given to have a room like the when I was young!!