Monday, 16 August 2010

Time goes by

Hi there and welcome to my blog

Had a lovely weekend, hope you did to I was busy doing the usual washing, cleaning cooking how do we find the time to squeeze in the special little moments both daughters of mine are really lovely girls and i wouldn't be without them at all i love being with them it makes me feel like a kid too hubby's a big kid to we make a great team, youngest has been designing which she loves ! oldest daughter has come back from camp after being away for a week it was so quite in the house ha, I've also been tweeting like mad & making so many friends just wanted to mention two lady's who really helped me over the weekend @polly_orange & @giddystuff thank you as i would of been very stuck, well done my business cards cant wait for then to arrive in the post should be a couple of days, also ended up with an 8 seater wooden table from freecycle love that site to, also been keeping a check on my eBay things to most important SEWING !! found a roll of fabric the must be at least 20meters of it when & where i got it from i really cant remember (that's old age ha) anyway decided to have another go on my brother machine which was also free (it slips stitches think that's why & the belts nearly gone) but i love it ! I'm in the middle of just finishing the cushions off so it wont be long before you see them.

Found a canvas i didn't like the colour at all & someone  gave me buttons, and a bargin moment in B&Q where i bought some tile paint for 50pence so i just covered it with material sprayed the buttons glued them on and hey presto oh and not forgetting my shellybobbins label bottom right ! I love just doing things on the spur of the moment think i get that from my
mum and the madness from my dad giggle x

Had a really good sort out the other week and took 13bags to the charity shop i couldn't stop myself when i saw this i just new i had to have it and couldn't wait to get it home ! best thing about it there was two yeah thinking on the way home blue Mmm, paper on the kitchen table 10mins it was done, i love it, was a great swap

Here it is my favourite place in the house ! cant believe my hubby made this with mdf ! the scrolls where from the charity shop to 50pence, it was an expensive day x

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