Wednesday, 13 July 2011

28 Carlisle Cadets at unveiling of Canadian Memorial With His Royal Highness Prince Richard Duke Of Gloucester

28 Air Cadets from Carlisle (Over half of the squadron all aged between 13 and 19, some of which attended the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Royal British legion on 28th May 2011) & 4 Members of staff travelled to Stoke (A journey that took 7 hours round trip) To act as a Guard of Honor for the Duke of Gloucester as well as Station Commander of RAF Leeming (Rank- Group Captain), Station Commander of RAF Linton on Ouse (Rank- Group Captain), The Previous Commandant of the ATC (air training corps) (Rank- Air Commodore who also visited the cadet squadron in November 2008 for the launch of the new flight simulator) Many Veterans and relatives of those lost in battle were also there.

The reason the cadets had the opportunity to attend and take part in such a big event, is because 1862 city of Carlisle squadron are formerly paired with 609 squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force whom the Canadians served with during the war.

Symbolism of the Memorial
The shadow of the central column of the memorial falls at the 11 O'clock position of an imaginary clock face on the outer circle on the 11th November each year. at that point there is a maple leaf set into the ground with the Royal Canadian Air Force Crest. it has been funded entirely by donations from the UK and Canada

Cadets Who attended
CDT Flight Sergeant Dan Knight
CDT Sergeant Steph Williams
CDT Sergeant Matt Hogg
CDT Sergeant Dan White
CDT Corporal Fraiser Pickthall
CDT Corporal Michael Peden
CDT Corporal Katie Middlemore
CDT Nathan Davidson
CDT Ally Goodfellow
CDT Hannah Shepherd
CDT Cara Johnston
CDT Jonathan Atkinson
CDT Alicia Blackledge
CDT Jack Blackledge
CDT Alex Forster
CDT Aaron Cockbain
CDT Jake Reed
CDT Stephen Byers
CDT Hannah Graham
CDT Joe March
CDT Dan Wilkinson
CDT Aiden Ling
CDT Emma Cairns
CDT Ferguson
CDT Joshua Glover
CDT Andrew Stevens
CDT Sanderson
CDT B.Taylor
Staff Members Who Attended
Flight Lieutenant Brian White
Flight Lieutenant Simon Walton
Civillian Instructor James Nutt
Civillian Instructor Paul McVittie
Michelle wall - quote
" Im a mum of 2 of these cadets I know how hard they work taking pride to look immaculate and making sure they can attend everything, as a mum for me its very important to support my children in all there hobbys and as a very proud, its also very important to recognise all there hard work thats why I wanted to blog about it to show what 28 of the children from Carlisle Air Cadets did that day"
please feel free to leave any comments below, Carlisle Air Cadets rely on donations thats how the petrol & hire of a bus for this day where possible.
What a fantastic Squadron to be in 1862 !

Spitfire Fly passed tilts his wings

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  1. Oh fab! look at them all, takes me back to my ATC days, i do miss it terribly. A wonderful post, well done to all those there