Saturday, 16 July 2011

©Shellybobbins™ 'Heart Of The Month' Competition Its Time To Nominate Please

Hello Welcome to heart of the month this competition will run every month for a whole year, what I'd like you to do is very simple 'Just write a comment' and 'Nominate'
Nominate someone you think deserves shellys heart of the month, maybe your sister, your mum, It could even be someone you've never even met but get to know either through twitter or facebook,

Its nice to be nice, smile at someone, or simple just send them a message knowing you care, life is really too short, so take just a couple of mins to nominate someone - make them smile xx

A winner will be chosen at random on the 23rd July 2011 at 8pm I will announce the winner on here, facebook & twitter too - I will then need there name and address to send there heart & certificate out in the post by recorded delivery                                                                                

  Its so nice just to give, doesnt matter how much it costs, how big it is, where its from, designer or not, handmade or bought. Making someone smile and feel special ~ cant get any better than that xx

This will be your gift Its been handmade & embroidered too, the certificates lovely with nominated by .... so don't forget if your the winner to include your name too. then ....a space for the nominees name & also signed shellybobbins

Its a lovely gift, its rolled up & sent in a tube
PS. please no nominating yourself x

With Love Shellybobbins xxx

Ive been asked if people can nominate loved ones who have passed away the answer is yes, I would get the certificate laminated xx

June's Heart of the Month winner was the lovely

Zoe's lovely if you haven't met then please go and say hello zoe on twitter
Zoe is a marketing consultant for Noisette Marketing, Zoe is a self confessed fabric addict also lovely to tweet very helpful too, Zoe is a mum to 5 children and a great wife to a great husband

Zoe was nominated by the lovely Isa Maria also on twitter to so why not pop over and say hello

Love Shellybobbins xxxx


  1. I'd like to nominate my mum.She passed away nearly 20 years ago but there's never a day goes by that I don't think of her. She battled illness for many years, but never lost her ability to love those around her. She was, and still is, the kindest, most loving, most forgiving person I have ever known.
    I love you mum.


  2. I would like to nominate my mum. I would like to thank her for all the help and support she has given me since I had my little boy who is now nearly 8mths old. I know that she is always on hand and will do anything she can to help out. She has been there throughout all the ups and downs in my life, which in my younger years there were many downs with various operations and it is only now since having my son that I truly realise how difficult that would have been for her and my dad to go through. I could never imagine having to see my son go through that. So mum thank you so very much xx

  3. I would like to nominate my 23 year old daughter "Lisa" she was in hospital for 37 days top bowel removed & now has a stoma which at 23 is heartbreaking I'd love to show her my love with you're beautiful gift. Lisa deserves everything from me ATM and this is beautiful Lisa is on twitter under @cosssy lovely girl yes Lisa knows I love her but I'd like to shower her with gifts to see a smile on her beautiful face xx

  4. Sorry I ment to add "Lisa " has a heart of gold as what she has been threw she still looks after me as I've arthritis in my knees & she's still helping me x

  5. I would love to nominate all the tweeps I've met since joining,but I really must
    Thank my amazing wife Cat,mother to my 5 children
    Studying full-time in college for beauty therapy,working &
    Taking care of the children,its a lot to ask of anyone but she does it
    Everyday while I'm @ work,I have tried entering 60m makeover
    But no luck twice,so winning this would pay a litle back
    To thank her from bottom of my heart,after having our twins & managing a full year alone
    With 3 under age of amazing wife.


  6. I would like to nominate my girlfriend Cheryl. We have been together for seven years. Cheryl took me in when my marriage broke down. I am not the easiest person to get on with at the best of times and she cooks, cleans & looks after me and puts up with my bouts of ill health, If I hadn't met Cheryl when I was at my lowest ebb I dare not think we I would be as she truly saved my life and one day she will become my wife as I love her so very much and with money being so tight buying her flowers is a bit of a rarity so giving her a heart would be my way of telling her how much she means to me and how much I love her.

  7. I would like to nominate Carol, my very good friend. She is the kindest soul and will go the extra mile for any human or animal that she can help despite the fact her life is more difficult than anyone can imagine. She would not thank me for discussing what she deals with so openly so I will respect that. I feel that it is enough to let the world know that there are 'Carols' out there holding lives together for little or no recognition.

  8. I would like to nominate my sister who died at 6 months old over 30yrs ago, not a day goes by that i dont' think about her, even though she was born before me, i always miss and love her!

  9. I would like to nominate my lovely mum. She has suffered with arthritis in her knees, wrists, ankles & now her back for many years. Although in lots of pain, she never complains & is always doing for others, never thinking of herself. She also cares for my dad who is ill with COPD. 8 weeks ago she had a total knee replacement, there were complications & she was very ill afterwards. Just as she seemed to be getting better, her wound became infected. She's been very down recently, so I know this would help cheer her up! & let her know I love her very much!!

  10. I'd like to nominate my mum. 2 weeks ago her mum died. Today is Nans 86th birthday & the funeral is on Monday. Mum did so much for my nan, and she always said: "she's my mum so it's right that I do it". I can't put into words the hurt she is feeling right now, or any of us really, but mum is keeping it together to make sure the family are ok. Mum is the most selfless person I know and I just want to remind her that during these dark times, there is still people who love and care for her too xx

  11. Winner of heart of the month for july is

    Katie Vale Designs !!!!!

    Yay xxxxxxx
    well done darling please click on contacts an email me your address darling

    Love Shellybobbins xxx