Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shellybobbins meets Ben Shephard raising money for Childrens Heart Unit Freeman Hospital

I'm taking part in a Coast 2 Coast challenge - 28 July to 3 August 2011, Tynemouth to Whitehaven to Tynemouth. Across the width of mainland UK and back again, 280 miles, in a week. Sores and blisters are a given, let alone the dreaded chafe! But it's all in aid of an amazing charity - The Children's Heart Unit Fund (CHUF). More below...

I’ll be leaving on July 28 to cycle 140 miles, travelling East to West, arriving in Whitehaven two days later where myself and the team of fundraisers will promptly turn round and run the 140 miles back to Tynemouth over the remaining five days.
70 of miles cycling a day for the first two days, before ditching the bikes and running over a marathon a day (28 miles to be exact!) for five consecutive days on the way back. And I’m a bit worried. I consider myself a fairly fit and determined bloke but this is daunting!! I’ve run marathons before, climbed Kilimanjaro however this is without doubt going to be one of the biggest physical challenges of my life to date. 
But I and the team are pushing ourselves to the limit for very good reason - The Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital and for Seb, the son of a very good friend of mine.
So please dig deep and donate what you can to an incredibly worthwhile cause, if only to make up for my pain and physical humiliation come the 3 August. YOU WON’T REGRET IT! 
More information is below on the amazing work they do every day at the Children's Heart Unit is below:
 The Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital
Around 300 small babies and children are operated on each year by the children’s heart surgeons at the Freeman Hospital.
Heart problems, including Tetralogy of Fallot, which Seb was diagnosed with, are among the most common types of abnormality found in newborn babies. Many of them are tiny infants who, up until a few years ago, would not have survived. Out of 33,000 babies born in the Northern region each year, around 300 will require surgery and many more will require medical or outpatient treatment in the Children’s Heart Unit (Ward 23).
Not all children are born with heart disease. Viruses can severely weaken the heart and cause it to fail. The Freeman Hospital is one of only 2 hospitals in the UK that performs children’s heart transplants and that use mechanical hearts to keep these children alive until their heart either recovers or can be transplanted. Since 1987 over 250 children have received a transplant.
Because of the special expertise at the Freeman Hospital, children are referred from Ireland, Scotland and many hospitals throughout England. On a rare occasion, they may even be referred from overseas.
For more information about the children’s charity CHUF, visit  and Seb4CHUF .

Today I wanted to support this amazing event today & Ive spent alot of time in the Freeman hospital with new knees & an elbow replacement - they are amazing in that hospital.  This is a very special family that keep repeatedly raising money for the freeman hospital. I got to meet Seb to & his amazing family.

first things first I had to get a heart painted & it will cost you of course - worth every penny !!

It was great everyone was walking around with red hearts on there faces all supporting a great cause xx

Here's me sat with gorgeous Seb ! looking through the bag of goodies I had x

Pink heart for mummy & Blue heart for daddy, Seb's daddy was also running with lots of other lovely people including Ben Shephard, good job I brought lots of hearts !

This is Nadine what an amazing mummy, Nadines eyes filled up & mine too - really overwhelmed at everyones support today

Celebrations In Carlisle you really are fantastic !!!

click here for details on this amazing dance school they sang like angels all had red hearts too xx

And here they come !! everyone clapping and cheering Seb's Daddy is the one in the blue !

lots of well wishes, hugs & kisses too they all did so amazing

Ben Shephard High Five !!

Group picture please amazing runners ! bless Seb with Daddy (bottom right)

Alot of you know already that I run a competition called "Heart Of The Month"  where everyone comments on the competition and a winner is chosen who ever they have nominated gets a handmade heart & a signed certificate. I decide to sign a certificate and frame it and take a bag of handmade hearts for Ben Shephard, When I told Ben about this he smiled rubbed my back & gave me a kiss, thought this was a wonderful idea & also loved the fact id nominated him - takes alot for someone to do things like this and raise awareness ! Bens also wearing Harry Moseley bracelets (Harry raises money for brain cancer tumours, Harrys 11 & also suffers with this hes raised £500,000 so far) I love harry hes amazing too

What a fantastic picture ! Seb & his daddy

Shellybobbins stood with the lovely & very caring Ben Shephard


  1. Oh Shelli. That's fabulous! I didn't realise you'd gone out to meet Ben when I'd asked Theo to RT Ben's JustGiving Link this morning.

    I had such a lump in my throat when I read all about the cycle/marathon and have been RT'ng since. What a great guy - what a lovely litte boy.

    Ben certainly does have a Heart of Gold and deserves a nomination - I'd 2nd that any day.

    It was lovely of you to meet up and support them and very lovely of you to give them gifts also.

    Hopefully they will raise lots and lots of money for the Freemans Hospital - this is a cause worth the blisters and the chafeing.

    Lovely post - lovely pictures xXx

  2. HI Shelly,

    Well done, I don't know where you get the energy and time to do all that you do. The pictures are great, looking good.

    from your Irish friend always