Sunday, 10 July 2011

#SBS MumPreneurs 20,000 Hits Milestone ~ Celebrates with Guest blog & Giveaway

Earlier today I reached 20,000 hits on this blog I still cant believe it !!! Id like to thank everyone for taking alook I really didnt ever think this was possible, So in true shelly style Id like to invite a couple of previous Small Business Sunday Winners to this very special virtual celebration !

                                         *Clinks Glasses & says Cheers Everyone thank you*

My first Guest has done so fantastic he really im so proud to call him my friend has been an active user of Twitter and it’s been nine months since we first started submitting #SBS Small Business Sunday tweets to Theo Paphitis our favourite BBC Dragon. On 5th June 2011 we were selected by Theo and became the first business from the Roi to win #SBS. After so many months of trying and perseverance , I was completed overjoyed and totally overwhelmed  with the win. I would like to thank Theo for selecting us and for his continued support to small business. As I always repeatedly mention in my tweets “small business is the lifeblood of every economy” so is #SBS a very important platform to promote small business on twitter and I would recommend all small business to participate. Since our #SBS win we have gained new followers and many new friends, both in Ireland and the UK. We have seen a huge increase in traffic to our website and have secured new orders as a result. It has certainly given our business badly needed exposure.
We have had an article published about our win in the Leinster Express and shortly a piece will run in the Irish Daily Mirror.
Our participation in #SBS doesn’t stop now that we have won, we continue to support it and encourage other small business to get involved.   
Of course all this would not have been possible without Theo Paphitis and a special mention about someone who has been very passionate in promoting #SBS and a great help to others ShellyBobbins.

WOW ~~~ John this is fantastic news thank you for your kind words my friend, cant wait to meet up with you #SBS winners reunion !!

Thank you for being shellys guest on this very special day  

Love Shellybobbins xxx

My next guest is so lovely ~~~ Aimee from Revitalize Fit
Hiys Shelly x Thanks for including me on your blog and for all your help and support over this last crazy week!! There isn't many genuine people in the world but i'm pretty sure you are one of them!!!!  Many thanks, Aimee xxxx

Winning SBS on Sunday has made this one crazy week!!! In the half hour after getting my retweet from TheoPaphitis I had about 150 lovely new followers.  My phone just kept pinging with many many mentions with words of congratulations!  As a result I have press releases to write, radio interviews to prepare for and 3 new clients sign up!!  I am sad that my winning week is coming to an end but I am proud to have been inducted to a warm, welcoming and positive #SBS community that I will enjoy being a part of for many more weeks to come.  Thank you Theo for making my week crazy!!!! 

Visit our website to find out more information about Revitalize Fitness 
WOW ~~~ What an amazing week you had Aimee well done im so proud of you ! Im sure as a small business you will join in keeping up supporting #SBS as much as you can as It really is one big family.
Thank you for being a guest on this very special day
Love Shellybobbins xxxx
This lovely lady called val from SlickSilver Our last guest blog along with a gorgeous double giveaway
I am a jewellery-making late starter after crafting all my life in various forms.  I've always loved sewing and I often incorporate embroidery techniques in my silver work, but my greatest joy comes from unpredictability!  I love reticulating silver and have no idea when I start with a sheet, what I'm going to end up with which is probably not the ideal way for a silversmith to work!  I have tried working to a formal design but inevitably I come back to what I love best!  The attached photo features a piece of reticulated silver which I have cut, turned and then reattached and set off with a bezel set piece of turquoise seaglass from one of my local beaches.
I apply the same principles when working with my other great love, anodised aluminium.  This allows me to freely express my love of colour and I apply the specialist inks, dyes and textures in a variety of ways.  I use many ways of applying them, dyeing and overdyeing until I reach a design that I'm happy with.  I work on a small sheet of aluminium and sometimes I have a clear design in my head, although it doesn't always work in the way I'd planned.  Back to the unpredictability!! I can look at a sheet after it's been sealed and be disappointed, but after it's cut and textured suddenly it can be transformed into pieces of stunning jewellery that I absolutely love.  I keep the pieces totally unique by only ever making a small amount of any one design, which I don't repeat, and I cut it so that the patterns run in different ways.
I get completely absorbed when I'm making jewellery in my studio and I find that there's a kind of 'cross pollination' with my work and that of my husband's (he's an artist/composer).  We both love texture and splashing colour around and there are often some amazing similarities in our work
This is just a small bit of what val does

Val has sent these two gorgeous giveaways ~~~~ for 2 !! lucky winners all you have to do is tell me what her companys name is

Competition ends 8pm on the 13th July 2011

Please leave a comment

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and joining in this virtual celebration

Love Shellybobbins xxxx

Sparrow primitives

Nick Goddard

please email me your address you will find my contact email address at the top of the blog in "Contacts" thank you so much for entering & well done to you both I hope there will be a lovely follow up to see please email me pictures once you have received your lovely gift donated by Slick Silver Jewellery

Love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. Congrats Shelly and all the sbs winners! :)
    Love Andie_E x

  2. Just incase the first one didn't publish, Congratulations to Shelly and the SBS Winners!

    Andie_E xx

  3. Lovely piece - am passionate about helping small business, and also sharing info using Twitter, and will be entering and promoting the #sbs initiative from now on. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations! As a wannabe business-woman (going to wait a while until my kids are a little less time consuming - if ever!) I really admire what others are doing. And I love your crafts. Val's company is called SlickSilver - I hope I am supposed to post this here ;-)

  5. Well Done Shelly with all your hard work. I really like your blog, it's fantastic and thank you for giving us mention this week, really appreciated,

    John xxx

  6. Yay, I have joined the club, Slick silver is the name of Vals company :0)

  7. SlickSilver is Vals's company!

    As usual, Shelly, great posts xx

  8. Congratulations on this milestone Michele. Very proud to be part of the #SBS club with you & all, keep up the good work ! Regarding Val's company name, umm not sure .... would it be SlickSilver by any chance ... ;-)
    All the very best, Sandrine, xx

  9. am hoping to join the elite one day! SlickSilver and i must say its a fab logo that works really well on the bags

  10. I dream of joining the #sbs club every week!! Well done to everyone already in the club :)
    Val's company name is SlickSilver - amazing work!

    @SprinklesCrafts on twitter

  11. SlickSilver is the name of the company - fantastic giveaway :-) x

  12. The name of Vals company is SlickSilver - fantastic giveaway :-) @REWAG29 on TW x

  13. beverley kirwin12 July 2011 at 13:06

    slick silver is the name thanks

  14. Just found this from twitter. Lovong your writing.

    The answer to the giveaway question is SlickSilver

  15. Congratulations to everyone!
    Val's company is called SlickSilver

  16. Slicksilver is the name of Vals company great blog :) xx

  17. Slicksilver is the name of Vals company. Great blog saved to favourtives x

  18. SlickSilver :)
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  19. Well done so proud of you such a lovely lady with great ambition and drive
    Love Mary

    Mind Over Matters Hypnotherapy
    South Coast & Ise of Wight

  20. Morning Shelley, thought I had entered already but just realised I read the blog and didn't comment! Val's company is called SlickSilver. Her items are beautiful and #sbs is the most incredible thing to happen to small independent businesses for a very long time, Congratulations to Theo and to you for all the hard work you have put in promoting it and supporting the winners. You thoroughly deserve all the success you get because you have put so much into your business and supporting everyone else. Blessings to you honey xx

  21. I always take a look a the SBS tweets, all very inspiring and I hope to join in once I get up and running.

    The name of the company is SlickSilver - for the giveaway.

    Thanks xx

  22. As another proud #sbs winner, it is great to welcome more to the growing SBS community :D Congratulations! x
    And Val's company is SlickSilver. Thanks, Shelley. xx

  23. Great giveaway! the Answer is Slicksilver
    Katherine De Riera @sweet_Kat30 on twitter

  24. Congratulations!

    Slicksilver is the answer for the giveaway! :)
    Thanks, xx


  25. @needaphone

    Slicksilver is the answer.

    You deserve the world my sweetheart x

    Well done

  26. As I have a connection od sorts the answer is silcksilver

    Great piece on #sbs :0)

    Louise aka Silver Concierge #sbs237

  27. Wow thank you to everyone who has entered this gorgeous competion, who has also shared the virtual celebration on hitting 20,000 hits, since sunday 5pm this site has now hit 1144 hits which is fantastic, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words

    I couldnt do this without you !

    Winner will be choosen from using a random generator and I will post a picture of the number very shortly as 27 entants is fantastic
    thank you to #SBS Winners John from the bed site also Aimee from Revitalize Fitness

    Very special thank you to Jan for the gorgeous double giveaway from Slick Silver Jewellery as its stunning I will also treasure my set for ever thank you lovely xxx

    Love Shellybobbins

  28. You're very welcome Shelly and I hope the two winners love their jewellery!!
    Val, SlickSilver Jewellery

  29. Slicksilver is the name of Val's company (the autocorrect won't let me put a capital s in the silver part of the word sorry).