Wednesday, 2 March 2011

An interview with Duncan Bannatyne Part One ..............

As you've probable already seen the contant tweets and facebook posts from shelly and myself, we went to meet the rather lovely Duncan Bannatyne yesterday to talk about a condition called Prosopagnosia.

Prosopagnosia, (also called face blindness,) is an impairment in the recongnition of faces.

It is often accompanied by other types of recognition impairments (place recognition, car recognition and facial expression of emotion,) though sometimes it appears to be restricted to facial identity.

Not surprisingly, prosopagnosia can create serious social problems. Prosopagnosics often have difficulty recongnizing family members, close friends, and even themselves. They often use alternative routes to recognition, but these routes are not as effective as recognition via the face.
Duncan tweeted about this Prosopagnosia a few months ago to make others aware of the condition. The condition can affect anyone, including children, so super Tweeter Shelly got in touch with me and Duncan right away !

                                              'We've got to make other aware of this!'

Several Tweets and emails later, a meeting was arranged with Duncan at his office near his Health club in Darlington. We had to keep quiet (which was very hard,) and counted down the days to meeting him.

I was up at 5am, left the house a 6am and set off up the motorway to meet Shelly, who I'd never met before !

Shelly was so calm! Not one inch of nervousness about her! While my lip was bitten to bits like jelly, she was chatting away about meeting him!

Im pleased to say as soon as we walked into his office he put me at ease. What a smile that man has ! pearly whites to die for !
Before getting onto our interview we chatted about his recent family holiday to Africa. He was very friendly and not at all how I had expected him to be ! I think I watch too much Dragons Den ! I was thinking ten minutes in and it'd be 'Thank you ladies, but I'm out!'
Duncan was so welcoming and so relaxed.

His friendly manner put me at ease and after a few stumbly words I got right into my interview mode and the questions began....

  The interview (filmed) will be available to view in full later on in the week together with more information on Prosopagnosia

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  1. Wow! this must have been a fabulous experience and very good of him to help you in promoting awareness. Not that with your recent rise to Tweeting Goddess has given you enough cred' to promote this yourself - it was great of Duncan to get on board and all credit to you both for making it happen.

  2. thank you so much, for your lovely words, yes It was such an amazin day, one we will never forget, also meeting Fi for the first time too was so lovely & chatted for ages too a perfect day

    appreciate you leaving comments part 2 will be coming up soon hee hee all filmed too

    Love shellybobbins xx