Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Theo Paphitis helps shellybobbins with his tweeting

Since August 2010, Ive been researching Branding & Logo's, these are such an important part of anyones business and this doesnt matter if Its big or small.

I want to know when you think of the word Shellybobbins or see my picture with the bobbins & tea cups what you think ? (adding face of rag doll at a later date when copyrights have been done) this would be such a help, as building this business on thin air, I need all the help I can get

I know when I see these logos I know & understand what they sell


Being on a thin air budget I wondered If this logo made today would be Ok, Nice, Really Good. ?? No point in paying for someone to print my stickers If no body thinks there any good xxx

this would be the sticker & also would say underneath what the item was too, Oh and wouldnt have the black lining around the edge x

please be honest with your comments

I tweeted theo last night and asked him to be honest x thank you theo it will have the rag doll on it somewhere which will then tie the two together, cant wait for copyrights to be done ! Thank you theo for taking the time to look at my blog & labelling as I really appreciate it so much x

Love Shellybobbins xxxx


  1. I like it, less is more I think it's classy

  2. I used to make all my own cards and stickers but i have just last week paid an illustater to design me a new logo cards etc, i think its good to have a new creative pair of eyes that can see your product in a diff way, after using the same image for 11 years.Theres nothing to say or show what you do or create on your card?

  3. I like the image you have on the left hand side but would prefer to see it a tad bigger and less white space.

    I do like the font that is used for your name but as the above comment above me says, there is nothing to say what you do.

    Would these be to stick on the packaging of you product though?

  4. I appreciate that you feel like you're on thin air, but why don't you look at someone like Amanda Farren who does logo re tweaks for around 50.00 then you would get something professionally done without it costing money you've not got?

    I don't get what you are selling from the logo. I would want to see more of the range you have or the homemade crafts text being included so I knew more of what you do. Do you have a strapline? Perhaps that would make it clearer.

    I always try to go for something so that wherever I use it - whether it's on it's own on a piece of paper, online next to other logos etc or in my own context, that it stands on its own. And I think the image at the left confuses me a bit.

    Hope that this helps. Love the idea of what you are doing. Keep us posted :) Liz W aka @cambridgemummy

  5. I have also just started a sideline business and I had someone do my logo, it is so important to get it right. I love the script, but the picture doesn't really say what you do. I know you are going to add what you do under your card. I don't feel the image is clear enough. Maybe something more fun?

  6. I love teh script and the pink, but am unsure what the image is saying about your business.
    I know you are going to add details to the card.
    It is hard to fit it all in on a card or sticker...

  7. I love it, the font is nice. The only thing I would possibly do is make the image slighty bigger. But very classy and proffessional.