Friday, 18 March 2011

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Im so please at last a fantastic charity for a hospital that I spent most of my childhood life in, then called Pendlebury Childrens hospital, I remember the Hospital so well, everything looked so big ! but thats because I started going there at the age of just 2, me & my family use to raise money all the time This is one of the many carnivals our family did Im stood behind the pram, Pendlebury even let us borrow the teddy & bed !! Dad covered his Beford Van with white sheets mum hand painted to look like an ambulance & friends, aunty's & uncles, mum & dad, sister, cousins all dressed up for the day to collect money for pendlebury, I remember the old hospital so well even had a royal visit !! Even though it was a hospital I really do have fond memories too, even cried at the age of 16 knowing I had to move up to the adult hospital, I loved the place that much, when I won carnival queen, I went back to pay them all a visit & very proud wearing my sash & took pictures of me stood with my amazing Dr Hilton, & even some of the original nursing staff where still there too, I actually got to thank for everything they had done for me too. Arthritis Is a very painful disease, I have good days & bad days I love having arthur as not having it would be & feel very strange, Its made me the very determined person I am today.

Little did I know that one day joining twitter & tweeting with Theo Paphitis that this would lead me straight back to my 2nd home Pendlebury ! Theo does support so many Charity's, but as you can imagine this ones very close to my heart. please take alook !


This was last nights tweet ! I'm meeting Theo Paphitis Not only on the most amazing day ever opening up Boux Avenue  !!!! in Glasgow on the 1st April & 2nd April at Sheffield but to meet someone so dedicated to helping other special Charity's & of course lots of disabled people too

This is my dream & my goal this year, if you have been following my story from day one you will realise how amazin this is not just for me but my family too cant wait (What will I wear) remember If you don't ask you don't get

and for that reason

"IM OUT" ha ha ha ha always wanted to say that - giggles xx


Love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. Great pictures Shelly and as a fellow arthritis sufferer from a young age I really admire all that your family did for that hospital - I was lucky didn't have to have ops (until now, have one coming up the end of May sometime). Bet you can't wait to meet Theo or is that just an assumption? LOL
    Andie_E xx

  2. My mum has arthritis too which is another painful thing she puts up with (I nominated her for March Heart Of The Month) and that is good you are coping well with it. Wow that must have been so cool to be corresponding with Theo Paphitis!! All the best, Chelsey x