Sunday, 27 March 2011

Theo Paphitis #sbs Small Business Sunday Winner - Has it helped you ?

132 days ago I won a re tweet from Theo Paphitis "Dragons Den" on Small Business Sunday 14/11/2010 and on the day I get a tweet from Theo saying Congratulations, Wow Screaming, jumping for joy, tears too - one message that's all it took, from this yes I have gained followers, & facebook went a bit mad, then news paper, radio.  Looking back over the months my business has gone from strengh to strengh, Ive had to apply for more funding which I got and was able to buy a top of the range embroidery sewing machine, also been finding out about copyrights & how to go about it, always learning as Ive gone along - yes it would be great if there was one book I could of read with all the answers in, but I wouldn't of learned anything you have to learn as you go along taking the positive & leave the negative, I do get lots of Direct messages asking please could I put a good word in with Theo for this weeks SBS (Small Business Sunday) Ive not got a direct line to Theo, You all have the same opportunity's as I have.

This year has been an amazing year and also one of the hardest too, being dyslexic & dyscalculia (the arithmetical equivalent of dyslexia comonly known as number blindness) here a link to The Independent on Sunday Finding out very recently (thank you Fi & Duncan Bannatyne) that this had a name to that I cant even spell (thanks Mr Bobbins)

Being bullied at school being in a wheelchair didn't help or being dyslexic hated having to read out aloud in English too my palms would go hot, Id feel so nervous and held me head down hoping not to be picked, felt physically ill, in infant school one person for about 6/7 years picked on me every time he saw me and greeted me with "spell tree" go on spell it, and then went off just laughing.

I am a very determined woman we only get one life, I have to be thankful that Ive been made redundant otherwise I would of never of done this,  I don't want to just been know as doing a few crafts or having a hobby making crafts, this is a full time business & want to be taken seriously as a small business do you have to then become Ltd company ?

I have now this week to contact and get my copyrights form filled out & sent off, this is definitely left to the professionals, of which I do have the funding for thanks to the I couldn't of done any of this without there help they have been amazing.  Also Ive been trying to sort out my label for my products & profit from this will be funding my rag doll family for children & my children's story book, if anyone has any advice on illustrating & publishing Id be really grateful. Its nice to see a business come together I hope you enjoy reading this comments are appreciated very much

With Love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. What a story of deserved success!!!
    I am delighted for you....and what's more you should be really proud of yourself.
    ••••❤•••••Well Done Girly••••❤•••••

  2. thank you so much, Its been & still is very tuff, but now seeing light at the end of what was a very very long tunnel - now its a tunnel ;-) learned so much along the way.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a message I really appreicate it so very much xxxx

    Love shellybobbins xxx