Friday, 25 February 2011

Shellybobbins - Competition by Competition closes this Sunday 27th feb 2011

Thanks Lucy for for your lovely competition on my blog, I love the way you've explained everything, in making your none chemical candles. This is how they are made

All our candles start with 100% Ecosoya wax. It arrives in our workshop in beautiful white flakes. It is weighed and melted in a double boiler until it reaches the perfect temperature. 

For pillar candles I also use this time to line the molds with beautiful dried flowers, this is a process that took a long time to perfect and has taken a lot of practice! Here are some molds lined with rose petals ready for the wax to be poured into them.
undefinedOnce the wax has melted to the right temperature pure essential oils are mixed into the wax. All our blends have been created with the help of a good friend of mine who is a qualified aromatherapist. The wax is poured into the molds and left to harden for 24 hours. The temperature in the workshop has to be perfect for the wax to harden without cracks or gaps. I check on the candles every so often to see how they are getting on... they recieve a lot of TLC!
It is finally time to get the candle out of the mold. Fingers crossed it comes out smoothly .. The wick is trimmed top and bottom and it is time for labelling and finishing touches. This is done at my kitchen table by hand, I love the fact our candles may have subtle differences, no candle is ever the same. My customers appriciate this and it is one of the lovely things about buying an artisan made product. Finally after a 48 hour process your candle is ready to be lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and shipped to its new destination for you to enjoy. 

I am passionate about growing Nyan Nyan to become a leading provider of NO CHEMICALS candles!!
 A) not made in the UK
 B) Factory made and
C) contain fragrance oils! and people are prepared to pay £20 a candle just for a "name" ridiculous!

Please leave your answers on the blog and a random number generator will be used to pick the winner on sunday night at 8pm
This *Love Bomb* Candle (candle holder will not be provided)
Permission has been given by for me to use these pictures & information, Lucys on twitter too go and say hello xx


I look forward to spending many a night on your website looking for lovely gifts so nice to be able to buy none chemical candles thank you lucy I just love them xxx

Love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. I love the website - I always have a candle on the go and like your comment, 'Don't breathe in what you wouldn't put on your skin.' Congratulations on the launch x

  2. I just love the concept of your candles as they are natural, individual and made by you. What a fantastic idea, plus it is at an affordable level where you can buy several candles without breaking the bank unlike the other brands that are out there that claim to be natural but are soooo expensive that even if you can afford to buy them you don't want to burn them.

    Also, the fact that they are handmade and made with passion and are unique, from reading your website you can tell and feel that your products are made with love and pure intention creating a unique, pure product.

    Well done again to you on such a fantastic idea xx

  3. Love hearing of new candles. I have several candles burning in different rooms most days. And you're right, some are so costly because of their name :) x @ellielucky

  4. love the concept, please enter me.


  5. Competition has now closed thank to everyone who has entered I will be posting the winner pick by a random generator xx